6 smoothing methods for people with curly hair

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6 smoothing methods for people with curly hair ; hair straightening

Tired of taming your curls? You want to opt for the healthiest, straight hair? If the answer to both questions is yes, then hair straightening is an option to consider. However, you have several treatment options to choose from. If you are confused which one to choose here is a complete list for you.

What is the hair straightening?

This is a process in which hair styling using many tools and methods straightens. The process can be temporary or permanent. There are different ways to straighten their locks curly depending on how they are. here are 5 hairstyles for curly hair in the march.

How is it done?

Straightening creams: If your hair is too curly, you can opt for straightening lotions and creams available in the market that the layer of your hair and avoid as to bend.

Blow-dry :. Despite getting his blow-dried hair can make your straight hair but will last only until not they washed

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straightener: These are probably the most popular product in the market to straighten hair and with good reason, since they work on the hair frizzy too. But the method is temporary and will last until the next wash hair. Make sure you choose the right one – if you have short hair or slightly wavy hair, opt for a smaller plate width and if it is long and thick, go for the larger. Are you making these mistakes curly hair?

chemical relaxers: They contain chemicals that break the bonds that are responsible for the way your hair is – wavy, straight or curly. However, as the name suggests, these are full of chemicals such as -. Calcium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate, guanidine carbonate and lithium hydroxide

Japanese thermal reconditioning: This is a more permanent treatment involving the use of relaxants chemicals, treatments neutralization, deep and repetitive high temperature plate conditioning. It is a long process and costs huge amounts of money, but will have to visit the salon only to contact regrowth until later. For up to three days after treatment, can not wet hair or tie.

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Keratin treatment: The process involves several chemicals and ironing hours but the problem is the use of formaldehyde as an active ingredient. It will not make your hair poker straight, but reduces frizz and reduce the curls of her hair make smooth texture. However, this treatment may not work in frizzy locks. Here are some more treatment options.

Tips to consider

Generally speaking, if your hair is colored or bleached, methods of permanent treatment can damage your hair. So be sure to tell your stylist about all treatments you have had before.

Do not try to prove permanent hair treatments at home – it will never work. And make sure you choose a reliable stylist, even if you have to spend a little more.

inexperienced stylists can damage the locks – incorrect ratio of chemicals, too little or too much table. This could lead to dissatisfaction and leave you with numerous problems such as breakage, thinning or split ends. Follow this hair for curly hair manual.

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And do not ever try to imitate an online tutorial hair because every woman is different. Only experienced stylist will be able to say exactly what you need your hair or can support.

Another problem with hair treatments are touch-ups every few months. And the interim period is the awkward moment when your hair is starting to grow, but not long enough to straighten.

Financially, it’s not just the money you spend for treatment, but after treatment. Most stylists will advise on a shampoo, hair conditioner or special spa to make your hair retains its straightness and these also cost extra. try these styles of wavy hair.

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