A study shows that poor lung function in women can affect your voice

May 26, 2016 | | Say something

premature lungs examined by laser

poor lung function is likely to reason behind the voice fatigue, finds a new study aimed to investigate the factors underlying risk of voice problems and gender differences in speech. Vocal fatigue – hoarseness, vocal fatigue, muscle pain and lost or cracked notes – is a common complaint among teachers and one of the most debilitating conditions that can lead to damage vowel. The results showed that women face a significantly higher risk than men of developing vocal problems long term. “The study is the first to connect fatigue problems voice with physiological differences based on gender in lung function, which points to the respiratory function as a source of gender inequality in voice problems,” said researcher Eric Hunter of Michigan State University in the US . (Read: Keep your insulin levels in control to maintain healthy lungs )

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The lung function of women in the amount of air inhaled and exhaled was linked to getting fatigue voice. In addition, the higher incidence of prolonged problems among women has been associated with a number of gender differences including physiological differences in the larynx system, differences in the endocrine system, and differences in lung use. For the study, the team analyzed 122 faculty members primary and secondary (96 women, 26 men). scores of teachers index vocal fatigue – a tool standardized study can help identify individuals with vocal fatigue – were compared with the results of measurements of spirometry – a medical instrument often used in clinics vocal health to measure the amount of air inhaled and how much and how quickly you breathe. (Read: Scientists discover how the lungs work during asthma )

The results showed that women were not able to inhale and exhale as much as men. The study supports the use of spirometers to be used as a detection device for teachers voice fatigue. It can be a simple and inexpensive tool that could help doctors in vocal health clinics in the adaptation of therapies for patients with low spirometer measures, the researchers noted. The findings were presented at the 171th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) recently held in Utah in the US .. (Read: Figuring out how fast your lungs grow old )

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