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1,562 free women gynecological Pap test projection in three economically disadvantaged areas in Gothenburg offered in 2013. A new study from the Sahlgrenska Academy Närhälsan and West Regional Cancer Center now shows that these women do not they participated to a greater degree than in the group that the projection for the usual fare offered.

Not involved in gynecological Pap tests is the biggest risk factor in Sweden for acquiring and dying from cancer cervical .

1,562 women in the areas of Gothenburg Enraged, Bergsjön and projections Biskopsgården free Pap test were offered in 2013, and its share has now been compared with the same number of women who were offered the screening of the usual rate of 100 SEK

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Surprised by the results

The results, which were published in the journal American PLOS ONE shows that 37 percent of the free group randomized participated, compared with 39 percent of those who had to pay. This small difference is not statistically significant.

“We were really surprised by the results. We think that the Pap test without increase participation, particularly in areas with socioeconomic disadvantages are lower than the rest of the city participation,” says Emilia Alfonzo, Gynecologist and one of the researchers behind the study.

The fee is low

The researchers also examined whether there was any difference between women participating for the first time, if they had not attended before or if the woman’s age was a factor; But none of that was significant.

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“This result should not be used as an argument to increase tariffs or introduce quota that was previously free,” says Björn Strander, principal investigator of the study.

“Remember that the rate is low, € 11, and a higher rate may very well be a deterrent. However, the results teaches us that the funds that could be used to eliminate this low rate, will be better used elsewhere. so it’s easier for women to get Pap smears is important and there are other measures that have proven to be very effective, “says Björn Strander.

Other ways to increase participation

The measures that have proven effective in increasing participation are, for example, appointments that are simple to rebook, annual reminders or telephone contact by a midwife for those who do not show, previously reserved and email offers the self-diagnosis to women who have chosen not to participate for a long time.

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Data on participation Pap screening cell

In the municipality of Gothenburg, 47 percent of women enrolled within 90 days of receiving an appointment (2015). Västra Götaland (VGR), participated 67 percent, while the national average is 55 percent. More women participate from time to time, and after a reminder, and coverage of women who participated in the selection for the recommended interval (three to five years, depending on age) is 89 percent VGR, while the national average is 81 percent.

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