How to plant-based therapies can provide relief for menopausal symptoms

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How Plant-Based Therapies Can Give You Relief for Menopause Symptoms

If you are experiencing symptoms of menopause , you might be tempted to try soy-based foods or herbs supplements to get relief. But these so-called herbal therapies really work?

A new analysis says that these therapies can provide modest reductions in some – but not all -. Menopausal symptoms

The analysis, led by researchers at Erasmus University Medical Center, the Netherlands, examined 60 previous studies that tested various therapies herbal, including certain soy foods and herbal remedies. In total, researchers analyzed 62 studies involving 6,653 women.

The analysis showed that soy isoflavones in foods and supplements improve some symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes modest reductions in and vaginal dryness, but did not significantly reduce night sweats.

Isoflavones are a type of phytoestrogens, plant-derived compounds that can mimic estrogen. Foods rich in soy isoflavones include tofu, tempeh, miso and natto.

Herbal supplements

The study also found that several herbal medicines improve symptoms of menopause. One was red clover, a rich source of phytoestrogen formononetin, biochanin A, daidzein, genistein and. Red clover is associated with improved night sweats, but not with the frequency of hot flashes.

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New, an extract of pine bark, natural remedies such as ERR 731, an isolated extract of Rheum rhaponticum and Pycnogenol reduced the number of hot flashes for a period of 24 hours. However, the researchers say, more trials are needed because the evidence is limited.

Interestingly, the researchers found that black cohosh supplements and Chinese herbs such as dong quai, which are widely used to relieve symptoms of menopause, did not reduce symptoms of menopause.

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The problem is treated, not the symptoms

The results were a bit of a mixed bag, says specialist health of women Holly L. Thacker, MD .

“Some of these studies show improvements in hot flashes, night sweats but no, or night sweats, hot flashes but no,” says Dr. Thacker. “So the bottom line is that if you have severe symptoms of menopause, you should consult your doctor and do not be afraid to address the real problem, which is the hormone deficiency.”

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classic symptoms of menopause are the result of a loss of the hormone estrogen, which for many women can not be treated with complementary therapies alone, she says.

“Although menopause is an event of natural life and not everyone is hormonally deficient, people who are hormonally deficient should not feel bad about having to take a hormone to treat this problem, ” she says.

Supplements significant risk

These studies highlight the desire of many women to a more natural alternative, herbal for symptoms of menopause, says Dr. Thacker. Many women choose to use complementary therapies instead of hormone replacement therapy because of concern health consequences.

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However, so far, none of complementary therapies have proved to be substantially effective.

Women with mild symptoms of menopause who are looking for relief soy can add to your diet through foods, but should talk to their doctor before trying supplements says Dr. Thacker.

may not need a prescription for a supplement, but supplements still carry risk, says Dr. Thacker. For example, other studies have shown that overuse of some soy supplements can increase a woman’s risk for certain cancers.

Menopause is a good time for women to take stock of their health habits – such as diet and exercise -. And to get a regular health exam woman doctor, Dr. Thacker says

Treatment Guide with perimenopause and menopause
Read more expert advice from Holly L. Thacker, MD in his blog .

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