The coffee habit your partner could increase your chances of miscarrying

Mar 25, 2016 | | Say something

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There are a lot of things women are told to avoid if you are trying to be knocked out by smoking, excessive drinking, eating fish with high mercury content. Now, you may have to add coffee to the list.

In a recent study magazine Fertility and Sterility researchers asked 501 couples who were trying to have a baby to the magazine lifestyle behaviors, including the amount of caffeine drank for 12 months or until they got a stick positive urine. They noted that a drink with caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee or tea or a soda.

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of the 344 women who became pregnant, 98 miscarried. abortion rates were higher in women over 35 years (long known risk factor), but this is what really touched researchers: Women who drank the most caffeine (more than two drinks a day) around the moment of conception and during the first seven weeks of pregnancy were more likely to have an abortion than those who drank less. The other bomb: excessive consumption of caffeine in men only played such a big role.

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The study did not investigate what caffeine may be linked to pregnancy loss-that question remains unanswered. Still, the researchers recommend that couples who want to get a baby to drink board no more than two drinks daily hipper-than rise. They also note that women trying to become pregnant should take a multivitamin containing folic acid; Women in the study who did were 55 percent less likely to miscarry than women who did not.

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That’s good advice, says Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a board-certified gynecologist and professor clinical School of Medicine, Yale University. “When my patients are planning conception, I recommend taking a supplement of folic acid, and, considering that there have been several studies in the past challenge more than two caffeinated drinks a day [] during pregnancy, are maintained at that limit. once you’re pregnant, stick with that amount. “

And you might want your guy to stop beating Starbucks for its coffee time 3 pm venti ice cream, too.

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