International Day of Yoga: Muslims join in, says he feels rejuvenated

Jun 21, 2015 | | Say something

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June 21 is the International Day of Yoga

New Delhi, June 21: like any devout Muslim during the holy month of Ramzan, Irfan Salmani Dehalvi, 42, woke up just before dawn, had ‘sehari’, the early morning meal before the fast prayers and offering. On Sunday, ‘Seheri’ was followed by a mass yoga session Rajpath where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present. “It was a welcome change to come here for a yoga session early in the morning before breakfast. After today’s experience, I will include yoga in my daily training regimen, ‘Dehalvi, dressed in white, color kurta-pajama and traditional skullcap, told IANS Dehalvi, who is president of the All India Jamaat-e-Salmani, yoga said was not contrary to the teachings of Islam

“People who spread such lies are malicious intent. There is nothing wrong with Muslims doing yoga. Ita a natural training that helps us fight many diseases and infections and keeps us healthy, “he said.” In fact, most of us do not even have any problem in making surya namaskar too. The issue was blown unnecessarily out of proportion, “he opined. Irfan agreed Mirza, 40, owner of a computer parts store near Lal Kuan of the walled city.” We salute our Indian friends with a namaskar. So, why have no problem with surya namaskar (the sun salutation asana is considered a complete exercise in itself)? ‘Mirza said as limbered up in one of the 37,000 mats pink, blue and green that made for a nice show at Rajpath that about two km from the India Gate to Rashtrapati Bhavan extends.

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‘But we can not bow to the sun, “he added Among the thousands gathered in Rajpath -. The place of the main event of the national capital, which was attended by people from all walks of life I including students from schools and universities as well as envoys, there was a considerable part of the Muslim residents of Delhi, especially the walled city, who joined in. and for many, the experience was unforgettable. “I never thought that yoga it could be so refreshing. As I am fasting today, I was a little worried about working, but I feel rejuvenated ‘, a businessman from Sadar Bazar said Khalid Qureshi, 39, 35 minutes after the event ended. “Now I’m curious to learn more about this wonderful activity, and certainly encourage others to start practicing yoga, well, ‘said

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Source : IANS

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