Try yoga to control symptoms of menopause

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Try yoga to control symptoms of menopause ; woman menopause

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symptoms of menopause are different for different women.For some, it is an explosion of mood swings and hot flashes, while some have mild symptoms. The good news is that yoga can help you walk through menopause with comfort and ease. It fills you with positivity, elevates your mood and makes your body healthy, helping to cope with the changes that crosses their path. Known expert in yoga Ankita Sood tells you how it contributes to overcome the symptoms of menopause.

You may find yourself unable to organize thoughts due to significant hormonal fluctuations during menopause. Poses like Uttanasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana improve blood flow to the brain and stimulate deep breathing which in turn will improve mental alertness.

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Hot flashes
Hot flashes are the most common symptoms of menopause. You may experience a rapid heart rate, along with an increase in core body temperature. Asanas like sarvangasana salambha and Pawanmuktasana your body will cool down, so that the body temperature to normal.

Anxiety and irritability
At menopause, estrogen levels Spike causing nervousness and anxiety. forward bending asanas as pashchimottanasana and prasarita Padottanasana will help reduce mental tension and irritability. These forward bending asanas improve blood flow to the brain, reducing stress levels.

During menopause, you can also feel unaccountably tired for days. Blame fluctuations progesterone levels for all fatigue. backbends supported soft as supta baddha konasana and Setubandhasana opens up the chest and improve breathing and circulation, energizing the body.

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You can feel the menopause is the time to mourn the end of their youth. This feeling can trigger bouts of depression that leads to excessive release or a drastic drop in progesterone levels. Yoga is known to help relieve dark mood. asanas as sukhasana and gomukhasana improve breathing in the fight against depression. Investments such as sarvangasana also help raise the depressed mood.

The adrenal glands overloaded during menopause can give you sleepless nights. Asanas as Apanasana and shavasana body tense muscles relax and calm down. These postures the muscles of the legs and back are stretched.

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Do not worry if you have never practiced yoga before. Making now can be a great help when your body feels out of control.

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