Nettle: Benefits, side effects and how to use it

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Nettle is a popular herbal remedy with many uses, from reducing the pain of arthritis to treating seasonal allergies. What are the benefits of the nettle and what does the research say? Nettle has a variety of uses, and many people find it an effective remedy. The herb is generally safe to use, but it […more]

& # 039; Medicine or myth? & # 039; Hostess Jan Fran talks about home remedies and complementary medicine

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feedingJan Fran greets the many and varied Australians to talk before they confront a panel of medical experts who will decide if their home remedies will receive a clinical trial. Will they prove that they are medicine or myth? With such a complicated task ahead, and the participants, we talked with the journalist about the […more]

Hundreds of notes of strange cases of the seventeenth century on strange medical remedies have been published online

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Although dressing in the morning may seem like a nuisance (pajamas are much more comfortable), few of us worry that our clothes will lead to death. That was not the case during the Victorian era, when fashion fabrics and accessories sometimes had a great price for both manufacturers and users. In Victims of fashion: the […more]

Suffering from constipation? Try these 7 undervalued natural remedies

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Constipation is something that many people face. If it is believed that the surveys conducted previously, as much as 22% of the adult population of the country suffers from constipation. Constipation is becoming one of the most common problems due to poor diet and lifestyle habits. Lack of fiber-rich foods and not drinking enough water […more]

Garden Remedios Newton approved to open for cannabis sales for adult use Saturday, May 25

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Newton, mass, May 21, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Garden Remedies, Inc. (GRI), Massachusetts & # 39; The only cannabis company founded and run by a doctor, is pleased to announce its Newton The dispensary, located at 697 Washington Street, received final approval to begin adult consumer sales of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) […more]

8 natural remedies for dry eyes

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Sometimes dry eyes are incredibly easy to fix. For example, blinking regularly can solve the problem, especially for people who watch the screens all day. The blinking again applies a moist surface to the eyes, which prevents dryness. However, blinking does not always do the trick, because eye dryness occurs due to several reasons. You […more]

Home remedies: personal care measures to relieve headaches caused by stress

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Credit: CC0 Public Domain Frequent headaches can interfere with your daily life. But healthy lifestyle choices can help you avoid pain. Start with the basics, including diet, exercise and relaxation. Almost everyone is familiar with the pain of tension-type headaches. But that does not mean that the world stops when the pain attacks. Over-the-counter or […more]

Wart removal: best natural remedies to try

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One of the 100 human papilloma viruses (HPV) can cause unpleasant growth on the skin. Sometimes, it looks like a small blister, other times it resembles an unfriendly blow to the nail. These formations are called warts and can appear anywhere on the body, around the face, eyelids, fingers, nails, toes, knees and legs. Warts […more]

Walmart sued the sale of "nonsense" homeopathic remedies

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Walmart is being sued for selling questionable alternative remedies. ad ad The Center for Inquiry (CFI), a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that "pseudoscience can not harm society," filed a complaint Monday on behalf of Washington residents, D.C., against the giant retailer. The organization states that the hypermarket deliberately "creates a false and misleading impression […more]