Use coconut oil sunscreen this summer

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Use coconut oil sunscreen this summer ;

I found this website and the article because I am literally speechless on coconut oil as a sunscreen.

As I write, I’m on vacation at the beach, writing from our balcony with a cool breeze blowing; )

I am a person very fair skin and white as a ghost. When I try to get “15 minutes of sun a day” at home (not a beach scene), burn and peel, every time.

In the last week, I’ve been on the beach and by the pool in the middle of the day for several hours at a time (even enter the pool) and has only been implemented 100%, oil unrefined coconut (brand Nutiva) organic as my sunscreen and I have not burned once. Not even once.

I have a “sunburn” red for me, but no pain, no white markings when pressed down on my skin and have not had to ask for anything in my skin after entering Sun. Some of the redness has now become a clear golden color on my skin and I really have no tan lines.

Another reason I know the coconut oil works is because there is a stain on the back where he could not succeed myself to apply coconut oil, and that is the only point that hurts like a sunburn, and the only point that got lost by coconut oil.

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Another example is yesterday, after coming from sun all day, we sat on the balcony to relax and had my legs exposed to the sun to tan them, but only had showered so no I put no coconut oil in them. I was only out there 30 minutes. Big mistake. Not only burned, but hurt like a sunburn, so much so, it hurts to touch them and even when stooping. After a week in the sun, the only part of my body hurts or is thst “sunburned” was in coconut oil not applied. That’s what would have happened to my body if I had not used coconut oil.

For me, work coconut oil and I’m saying that based on body parts exposed to the sun that had coconut oil in them and those who did not. Those with coconut oil not burned and did not have.

Another factor may be my diet. I like a clean, raw with a lot of healthy fats diet (including coconut oil daily), so I could have made a difference too.

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But everyone is different.

Now, for the detractors of coconut oil (not the ones who really gave him a chance and do not work for them), those who are quick to dismiss natural resources (including mainstream “doctor” Wendy up and Tim … what people do not simply get. ever.

you are the same people who are not “Using using your brain,” as Tim gets and probably buy your groceries from Walmart , eating fast food, soft drinks, says there is nothing wrong with GM, eating processed foods with toxic ingredients, fluoride and vacines think are safe and work the doctor every time you have a runny nose (and the “Dr. “prescribe a pill for every ailment or antibiotic rather than simply tells you to eat right) that’s what’s going to kill you … no coconut oil, lol.

This is what people remind me:
“I’ll eat fast food, drink neon colored energy drinks and take all my recipes, but I have to do some research before trying coconut oil as a sunscreen” [

as soon as I read the “medical” demand to withdraw the article, I had to roll my eyes. Seriously? What a hypocrite !! If she was so concerned about their health and safety, it would not be handing out prescriptions and conventional medical advice pillsand only perpetuates and cause more health problems.

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people think it is perfectly acceptable (and a better choice) to rub toxic chemicals on your skin and then bake in the sun.

Your skin absorbs 70% of what you put into it. So you can not just spray with chemicals, but warm in the sun for hours at a time. That sounds like a very good idea.

You obviously are not living in a clean lifestyle, free of toxic (or would not make the observations that you are – as “ignore this advice, sunscreen commercial toxic is a better choice” ) so it definitely has no business making ignorant comments about things you know nothing about.

This is a blog about healthy living. Maybe you should take your mainstream mentality and tips on Banana Boat and Coppertone website and spread his wisdom along there.

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