Walnut black hair dye – How to color your hair with black walnut powder

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Walnut black hair dye – How to color your hair with black walnut powder;

hair dye Black walnut (using powder helmet)

When I was looking for a way to darken all naturally my hair I found the method of using black walnut dye hair. At first, I could not find too much information online about using hair dye black walnut or if it really worked. So I thought to try it myself. At first I tried to buy real black walnut shells, but nobody sold them bought a bag of black walnut powder online. It was about $ 3 per 8 oz. I was still able to find organic black walnut powder.

walnut hair dye

Then came the powder hair dye walnut, the next question was how can I do black walnut dye hair from dust. I decided to use a method that is used to dye fabric.

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So boil a pot of water, they took it off the stove and put in 5 tablespoons of powder black walnut. Let this steep for about an hour.

black walnut hair color

Then once my hair dye nut mixture was cooled, I dipped the tips of my hair in the pot (as this was the first time use, just down the ends of my hair to try out). I let them soak for about 15 minutes and then let my hair air dry. (Note: After applying the hair dye walnut black even rinse with water.)

walnut hair dye

The results of black walnut dyes hair:

the hair dye walnut made dark hair! Yay, success! My hair is a light brown color of the natural environment. Pictured above my test string is compared to my natural hair color. It seems that may work even better for someone with a lighter hair color.

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To get a darker color could try soaking the black hair dye nut mixture for a longer time.

imgdddd AFTER IMAGE: (This picture was taken 2 days after making the hair black walnut dye , there is a before picture of me in my about me page with my natural hair color and also on my facebook page).

If you will try dye black walnut hair, only that my hair has not been colored or dyed anyway, so I’m not sure how to do this in hair color work, but I’m curious if you would have the same results.

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Please leave a comment if you’ve tried to color your hair with black walnut powder and let us know how it worked for you!

UPDATE: I received some comments from readers who have tried this method and suggested sitting in the sun or using a hair dryer when you have the mixture into your hair. The heat can help increase color capacity to stay.

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