Tips on using essential oils for oral health and toothaches

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Tips on using essential oils for oral health and toothaches ;

Oral health is a good indicator of the overall health of your body . People are so busy that often overlook the basic routines brushing and flossing. This leads to toothaches , ulcers in the mouth and gums healthy.

Essential Oils For Oral Health

There are several advantages of using essential oils for oral health and toothache. These essential oils relieve pain and discomfort caused by toothache, sore gums and mouth ulcers. also prevent bad breath .

use essential oils for oral health and toothaches

Essential Oil

This oil has anti-bacterial and analgesic properties clove. essential oil of clove numbs the pain toothache while eliminating infections. Use the clove essential oil therapeutic grade for toothache. Dab a cotton swab with a few drops of this oil. Applied directly to the affected tooth and surrounding gum line. Repeat three times daily application. This gives relief from toothaches.

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Clove Essential Oil

German chamomile essential oil

This Oil is anti-inflammatory and antibiotics in nature. Applying a few drops of essential oil of German chamomile reduces inflammation of the gums caused by toothache. Also reduces the intensity of toothaches .

German Chamomile Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

An alternative to Clove oil is peppermint oil. It is an active ingredient in toothpaste and chewing gums. This oil is a mild anesthetic besides being an antibacterial and antiviral agent. Peppermint oil is excellent for toothaches preventing infections and maintaining fresh breath .

Peppermint Essential Oil

cinnamon essential oil

This oil is found in toothpaste and chewing gum . essential oil of cinnamon has antibacterial compounds that fight oral bacteria . This eliminates bad breath without masking it.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

bark extract magnolia essential oil

This oil is known for its ability to combat bad breath. It reduces the amount of bacteria present in the mouth drastically, within 30 minutes of use.

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Magnolia Bark Extract Essential Oil

basil essential oil

This oil is a germ fighter with anti-inflammatory properties. Basil Essential Oil maintains excellent oral health and prevents bad breath.

Basil Essential Oil

mouthwash for bad breath

Prepare a refreshing mouthwash by mixing 2 drops of cinnamon, magnolia bark or extract the essential oils of basil with 2 drops of lemon oil in 1 cup of boiled and cooled water. Gargle this mouthwash twice a day to keep fresh breath.

Mouthwash For Bad Breath

Neem essential oil

This oil is well known for its anti-bacterial properties, anti- viral and anti-fungal. Neem oil is best for canker sores. Prepare a mouthwash by diluting 3-4 drops of neem oil in a glass of water. Gargle this for 30 seconds after brushing teeth twice a day. You can also apply neem oil directly on mouth ulcers for immediate relief.

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Neem Essential oil.

myrrh essential oil

This oil is known to cure mouth ulcers pretty fast . Prepare a tincture by mixing 4 drops of essential oil of myrrh in 5 ml of brandy. Apply this directly on the ulcer in the mouth.

Myrrh Essential oil

thyme oil

This oil promotes healthy gums and can actually help reverse gum disease because of its antiseptic properties. essential Thyme oil should be used diluted as a mouthwash to treat sore gums . All these essential oils promote good oral health and teeth. However, note that the use of these essential oils is not a substitute for monitoring good oral health habits such as brushing and flossing.

Thyme Oil

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