Older people may get caught in the insomnia drugs because doctors do not check often enough

Oct 23, 2016 | | Say something

Older people could get hooked on insomnia drugs because GPs don't review often enough

elderly insomniacs could be hooked on drugs because their doctors prescribe them for long without checking your situation.

This is according to a new report entitled “Insomnia -. A wakeup call ‘Prepared by a group of six experts

About 20 percent of insomnia sufferers older he said the study that have never been checked by your doctor, while two-thirds said they were never told of alternatives such as relaxation techniques and medications therapy.

Dr. Alan Wade, a member of panel and GP specializing in sleep-related issues, said: “. The number of sleeping pills potentially addictive prescribed in this population is a concern, especially when they are not effective and options for safer alternatives available treatment “

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added medical and care home providers should consider all options before issuing drugs to older patients as drowsiness may lead to them being involved in more “accidents, falls and fractures.”

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