New York is being sprayed with pesticides, West Nile propaganda

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New York is being sprayed with pesticides, West Nile propaganda;

spraying pesticides west nile

harmful pesticides being sprayed in New York

New York was next on the list after Texas to be heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals. New York is being sprayed with dangerous pesticides for West Nile, which may not even exist.

There has been some controversy over whether or not there is scientific evidence that proves that West Nile disease is real. However, it may be just another excuse for the government to spray harmful chemicals.

According to the Health Department of the City of New York, most areas in the city of New York were sprayed last week, however, a few more have been rescheduled to be done soon.

This is not the first year they are spraying the city, there spraying times dating back to 2003!

are applying insecticides in residential and non-residential areas by truck and helicopter spraying.

So how harmful are pesticides?

The pesticide being sprayed in New York is called Anvil. Anvil contains toxic substances and cause cancer! According to Robert Lederman, Yunque contain synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum based, including benzene and piperonyl butoxide.

Exposure to pesticides can result in damage to the immune system, liver damage, endocrine problems, the proliferation of breast cancer cells, and cognitive difficulties.

Many are currently trying to protest the spraying of these chemicals.

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