5 hair in the morning was hacks that you’ll thank me

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5 hair in the morning was hacks that you’ll thank me ; healthy hair hacks

I love my hair, but do not get enough time to coddle . With my long journeys of local trains and night parties, to determine how much time I have left to me, much less for my hair! And for someone who is supposed to give beauty tips to hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis, is better than the hair I am proud, is not it?

These five courts are tried-and-tested personally, and I highly recommend it to all Supergirl (or woman) like me.

Washing hair hacks

who does not love hot showers? Me too. But when I am left with only hot water for hair, everything is frizzy and unmanageable.

Hack 1: Only at the end rinse your hair with a little cold water. If you want to avoid cold water over your body, just use a hand-shower or desi ‘cup’. the hair cuticle is sealed and keeps it manageable. We give the definitive guide to manage wet hair.

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Hack 2: If you do not get up on time and almost no time to wash my hair, I do not know. Why? I want to avoid using the hair dryer. As simple as that. I use it in my college days, but I realized he looked lifeless. It is better to have greasy hair for a day with dry and lifeless hair, is not it? If you must use a hair dryer, use a diffuser. Here is how.

The long journey hack

fear the look ‘post-local train. “And you may fear the” post-scooty’, ‘post- bus’ look.

My tip: If you have more hair to his shoulders, do not forget to braid or covered with a scarf, scarf or dupatta. And get to the office or college in style. Have short hair? Here’s how to keep them healthy.

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The tangle hack

Only women from Hindi soaps rise with perfect hair and tangle. If you see me when I get up, you do not recognize me!

My tip: who invented the wide-tooth comb deserves applause. Take 5-10 minutes and pass the comb through the hair gently to untangle before entering the shower. You’ll see why it’s worth. Similarly, for those with long hair, hair tools most. Here is how you can take care of your long hair.

The lank hack

If there was one thing he would ask the genie of Aladin, would have less hair flyaways and frizz. Often I end up looking like electrocuted, right after my shower.

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My tip: do not recommend a lot of hair products, but for this problem, a hairspray medium winery does the trick. I tried this hairspray medium hold and I’m currently using the ‘Bed Head Masterpiece’ hairspray. I absolutely love it!

The bobby pin slippery hack

There are days when I spend a lot of time fixing up hair and the time it reaches the office, the forks are all loose and my hair in a mess. I can see that the woman pointing to this!

My tip: Just use some dry shampoo on the forks before use. I bet you will stay there until you get home at night.

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