Beauty Tip # 33 – Highlight your eyebrows with powder for a fuller look

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Beauty Tip # 33 – Highlight your eyebrows with powder for a fuller look ;


Eyebrow thickening
His eyebrows make for a feature essential, defining their eyes. It may take some impressive makeup on her face, but if something is not right with his eyebrows, the whole look will fall flat.

If you are someone with very thin eyebrows arched or wants or match the way your eyebrows are no quick fix:

Get a kit shadow eyebrows; this comes with a shade of brown and black, along with a brow brush comb and angular. Find a suitable shade for your brows. It is better to go to a lighter shade darker one. If the shade is too dark, you will not come across as natural. For application: Use the shade in and around your hair in the direction of hair growth. In case of a scar, use a pencil instead.

If you are looking for a remedy to help increase growth naturally, could apply a little Vaseline, 2-3 times a day. Vaseline moisturizing hair growth, therefore making them look fuller.

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