Coloring your hair – 6 Tips you need to consider

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Coloring your hair – 6 Tips you need to consider ; hair-colour


Thinking about coloring your hair to test a new look or to hide gray hair? If you are a first timer, you need to know some basics about hair coloring before going ahead with it. We answer all your common concerns in this guide hair coloring.

How safe is the color of your hair

is quite obvious that hair coloring is a chemical treatment that changes the texture of your hair and its natural state so it is not without risk. However, to determine whether it could potentially be causing damage, a visit is recommended a dermatologist, especially if you already have a problem related to hair or scalp, such as excessive dandruff or fall hair . You can also change the natural color of hair. Click here to learn more.

How to color your hair at home

You can do it at home. Get a friend to help (especially if you have long hair) and be sure to get a few things right before you start.

Before coloring: Your first task is to test the color of allergic reaction – so get that out of the way to avoid any hair-surprises leather unpleasant later

Know your. shadow: Two lighter or darker tones – stick to this mantra to choose a color that suits your skin tone. The only thing worse than a bad hair day is a bad hair color, because it lasts longer and in order to fix it you have the color of your hair again. Here is a guide to help you choose the right hair color for you.

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Set a timer: Do not apply color and forget it – make sure you keep it for as long as stated on the packaging. Or else you can have scalp problems such as itchy scalp, coarse hair, and color may be different from what was expected.

After color conditioning: There is nothing more important than the message coloring conditioner. It not only helps preserve the color for a longer period, but also preserves the texture of your hair. Study which conditioning is right for you.

‘are a necessity conditioners, hair color or no color hair. You should go in shampoos and conditioners up color. Ask your stylist if your hair needs a specific conditioner in case your hair has become too brittle, rough or you are experiencing hair loss too. Pay your stylist for a routine check to see if your hair is in good condition or if you need something extra, like a hair spa ‘says Shatsang Zing, which has Zido Salon in Mumbai suburb of Bandra.

After the first time, only the color of the roots because of their hair color will be changed only there.

Using colored protective shampoos

They are definitely more expensive! Most shampoos colored protective claim on their labels “improve or revitalize richness and depth and add glitter”, probably indicating more conditioning agents for a shampoo that is chemically less harsh on the hair of a normal shampoo. In addition, shampoo your hair as little as possible. Here’s more information on maintaining dyed hair.

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Hair coloring with henna

The most common natural dye that women prefer most of India’s mehendi or henna – a strong given reddish orange tint his hair and does not fade for a long time. However, all the hair is not compatible with its use and while there are advantages, there are some deficiencies related to their use.

For example, not all brands of henna are completely natural, since manufacturers add some or other chemical or metal salts. Other than that, if your hair has been colored before adding henna on top of it could produce a completely different from what was expected color. And for many, henna makes hair very dry. You could try coloring a very small area of ​​your hair with it and see if the results are desirable. This is how the color of your hair different shades using henna.

Doing things professional color

You may want streaks of red, but did you know that colors like red and purple fading out more faster than say, brown? Talk about the colors you want and find out how soon is likely to last.

‘tones like blue and purple not fade off because we (Indians) naturally dark hair and hairdressers need to bleach hair by the pre-lightening it. And if the hair is weak, it can not be maintained in the new color for too long. Moreover, most of these colors are free ammonia ‘, Zing explained.

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Ammonia can help open the hair cuticle and allow the color to penetrate; It also activates the peroxide in the color developer. The golden rule of proof hair color on the skin is also valid in this case.

“In case of a” global “color (color are all hair) can ‘refresh’ hair color every 4-6 months doing until then a monthly contact is required, if want even a global perspective, ‘suggests Zing.

avoid coloring your hair if …

scalp you have a medical condition such as leather ringworm or excessive dandruff -.. chemicals in hair color can aggravate these problems instead, consult a dermatologist to find out if you can color your hair at all

you have had an allergic reaction to a hair product in the past. A common allergen in hair colors is called PDD (para-phenylenediamine) that you might want to check.

have a serious problem hair loss. hair colors are inherently strong and so you can turn your hair even more fragile.

is pregnant. Avoid coloring your hair at least in the first quarter as the dye may come in contact with skin and be toxic to the baby. Opt for natural colors instead. Read more …

So keep these tips in mind and the color of your hair safely.

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