Here’s why you often have acne on the chin and the area T

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Here’s why you often have acne on the chin and the area T ; beauty-skincare-acne breakouts-causes-THS

Are the chin and the area T- favorite places acne and pimples? It is not abnormal. These are acne-prone areas and are more prone to acne than other parts of your face. Some people believe that oily skin is more susceptible to breakouts. But this is not true, dry and combination skin people also suffer from acne outbreaks. People with mixed skin area normally have T fat, and the remaining dry or normal face.

Why acne occurs in T-zone and chin

Dr. Navin Taneja, dermatologist, venereologist and Director of the National Center for the skin, Delhi tells us about why acne breakouts are common on the chin and area T.

  1. in adolescents clogging of the pores in these areas play a vital role in the development of acne It causes the common condition among all adolescents. Stress pregnancy , menstrual cycles, starting or stopping birth control pills are also the most common reasons that affect these areas first.
  2. The pore blockage to the capture oil within the pores of the skin. This can also be called as overactive sebaceous glands clogged pores.
  3. The bacteria Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) produce chemicals that alter the composition of the oil, which makes it more irritating to the skin and cause inflammation.
  4. Acne on the chin is attributed to hormonal changes. The sebaceous glands are under hormonal control, especially androgens. The sebaceous gland is very sensitive to circulating androgens.
  5. Redness, swelling, heat and discomfort occur due to inflammation of the skin. Inflammation is because the body’s immune system that is working for any foreign substance.
  6. digestive system disorders are also closely linked to acne around the nose and T.
  7. area

Avoid inflammatory foods and follow a good cleansing routine. blood purifiers they may also help. You can also follow these tips to prevent acne .

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