How to choose the right shade of lipstick for dark lips

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How to choose the right shade of lipstick for dark lips ;

Dark lip colours
If you have dark lips they have a problem only. Whenever you are shopping for lip colors, it is a great effort to find out what works best for you.This also means that you can not follow beauty trends blindly. We are less of a chore once the ‘lip color list’ that is right for you is known, so you can save a “lipstick disaster ‘!
we proposed a list of colors dark lips that are best suited for:

deep burgundy or wine

The best part of having dark lips is that you can fully carry out intense and bright colors. Celebrity makeup artist and stylist Payal Balse indicates, ‘deep burgundy or wine are a great choice because they hide pigmentation immediately. “This means, that can be totally carefree and yet look stunning for a night out or a special occasion.

red ready

regardless of the tone of our lips, we all yearn for a shadow bold and beautiful red lipstick. A tone of red lipstick makes dressing for a night or any event much easier, and which adds the glamor quotient instantly. Payal suggests, ‘A cold (like MAC Ruby Woo) red works well in dark lips. “

not so rosy

Apart from red, is a shade of pink that is desired in most makeup kits. However Payal advises: “Avoid pinks or peaches or lighter colors, even as pigmentation show and make the lips look gray. If you still want to wear a pink or a peach, you can correct the color of your lips using a concealer tone orange and then gently rub a bit of concealer on the lips to neutralize pigmentation. Then you can cover your lips with the preferred color and fill it with your favorite shade of pink or peach. “

Pop an orange

Coral and orange are the colors that have ruled makeup trends in the recent past. One might hesitate to try this in the dark lips but no reason to shy away from this popular color. Payal says, ‘Orange also works as it neutralizes the darker pigmentation, rather than hiding it. “

Sheer away

minimalist, pure makeup is a preference of all time. It works well with a look day or night, with some alterations. It is perfect because it is the kind of makeup that is not too composed but nevertheless it is not an ideal lip colors in dark lips option. Payal advises: “Avoid pure gloss or semi opaque bars lips as darkness or pigmentation will show through. “

Texture is the trick

The trick to making a job lipstick for you, if it is a matte one or a lipstick moisture, is by using a bit of both. Payal suggests, “Make sure the lipstick used is matte and can overlook that later gently rubbing a little shine on lipstick. Do not opt ​​for a bright lipstick that has a better chance of bleaching, in turn, shows pigmentation ‘.

With a little guidance, you can be absolutely stunning lips that complement the rest of your look, very easily.

While the tone of the lips can be a natural occurrence, dark lips could also be a result of exposure to sun, excessive caffeine intake, hormonal imbalances, certain allergies or harmful UV rays. Smoking cigarettes and are one of the most common reasons for dark lips. However, if you are struggling with your complexion lip beam, you could use some some exfoliating Granada apply beet pulp or regularly to see the desired results.

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