How to Control Hair Fall Caused Due to Rebonding

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Hair styling is the biggest fashion trend set these days, both men and women. In our society highly influenced by celebrities and movies, everyone is in the race Cat Mouse look their best and be perfect. Media is no longer a word at the current time. People either want to be or look perfect or to ensure the way they are. Being perfect is not bad, but spoiling yourself on stage is wrong. In order to get the look of your favorite celebrity, girls tend to operate the mill trade for hours, skip meals and have to be long in the beauty salon to get the desired look.

hair is the most integral part of the life of a child, tends to be in the area frequently modified. With the advancement of cosmetic industry, many new method for permanent hair styling was launched as rebonding hair, hair straightening, hair coloring, hair coloring man with curly hair and hair straightening. These services are performed in beauty salons all that is, from the high low-key lounges main halls. As the permanent word joins them, these services are performed gently using the best hair products on the market and is carried out by professionals. But as every girl wants to look pretty and lose in the background area. In the race to look like a princess, who receive their services performed by amateurs and cheap beauty products that cause further damage to the quality of hair and scalp as well.

What is Rebonding hair?

Rebonding is the process of breaking ties hair while exposed to pure heat for them and then re together again using harsh chemicals. The process rebonding process hair requires the use of certain aggressive chemicals and prolonged heat. The process is carried out in the hair, which are one of wavy, curly or frizzy texture. Rebonding leaves hair straight smooth texture and exposes the scalp making the hair look very upset.

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For a temporary phase, for example 3-4 months, the hair rebonding major side effects hair looks amazing and brilliant, but later in the natural growth hair begins to appear then the hair loses its touch.

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After Effects Hair Rebonding

Rebonding insurance brings temporary pleasure with itself at startup, but later exhausted hair texture, natural color of hair and natural hair growth. Post Rebonding chemicals that are used to carry out the process alters the natural ph. balance expose hair to be more brittle and prone to more damage. The scalp is exposed to sunlight, air pollution and making worse the natural hair growth.

Hair Loss

Hair loss after rebonding is the biggest problem faced by girls. The hair follicles after being severely damaged by the aggressive chemicals lose their position and enters the phase of detachment. Hair not only leaves the scalp but also becomes immune to breakage. PH. balance being disturbed become the causes of hair loss more frequently and often.

Despite causes Rebonding hair more harm than good, but there are ways that can help get their natural hair back . Here are some methods that give healthy hair treatments for damaged hair that can help return naturally healthy hair after straightening are presented.

Aloe mask egg

prescribed by doctors, even this method is used worldwide worldwide and has immediate effect brings. The mask is easy to prepare and apply. It may take the eggs according to hair length and get clear to obtain and dispose of the rest of the egg. Pure aloe extract from the aloe vera plant and mixed with egg white purchased. Apply the mask to hair length and keep the mask for about 20 minutes. After the indicated ranges to rinse the mask carefully and you need to apply the hair serum. Aloe vera has healing properties and broken hair ties bind. Used if at least two to three times a week.

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benefits Aloe Vera juice

Choosing the right hair product

post damage becomes demanding with hair products is required. So choose the shampoo and conditioner, which has Keratin in it as keratin is the protein that helps repair hair. Also, look out for shampoos and conditioners smooth as it will not cause much damage to the hair.

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Massage with essential oils

massage your hair with hot oil and leave it overnight. You can choose coconut, olive and lavender oil. Either they are beneficial to the hair. A hot oil massage for at least 3 times a week will definitely help your hair regain its natural state and help to keep the growth stage more :. Best hair oils for women Hair Growth


Taking a hair spa once a month can do wonders to your hair loss hair and control. He chose a mineral spa hair because begin linking if the hair. Spa can also remove split ends, breakage stop and remove chemicals used in the process of rebonding.

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vitamins and proteins

vitamins and proteins are foods not only for our bodies, but also for our hair. Vitamin A and Vitamin B are known for their properties to help activate blood circulation in the scalp and also the recovery of natural hair texture. Proteins, on the other hand would revoke hair breakage and prevent further damage.

change in diet

remember the times in school when they taught us that green vegetables are good for health and keeps us strong and active. It’s time to put that theory into practice once again. The consumption of green leafy vegetables, vitamins and protein diet will increase the blood circulation of the body and therefore help hair regain its natural state.

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Water has made millions of properties due to the minerals present in it. Drinking more and more water every day and it will help hair growth. Also water has healing properties that make it shiny and healthy hair than ever. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day. Fibrous drinking juices will only further increase the advantage.

no alcohol and smoke

Alcohol natural hair growth stops. Alcohol dehydrates the body and absorbs the water in the body, which helps hair grow. So even you are an occasional drinker, say no to alcohol is recommended. Smoking elsewhere reduces the flow of blood and allow reaching the scalp which in turn reduces hair growth. Not to snuff and alcohol for some time is advised.

Avoid hair styling equipment

Reach the office is important and dazzling in a match is also important, but not at the expense of your precious hair. When hair is damaged because they can reach teams combing the sought. But this will only make things worse as applying heat directly to destroy damaged hair more easily. Even a hair dryer can cause serious damage to the hair as it instigates hair damage also leads to more hair loss. In case of emergency, use a serum heat protection and then you can apply the straightener or curling iron.


Following the above steps can easily help reduce hair loss and help with natural shine. These methods are easy and affordable. The stay a little careful with hair can make your get your hair back in no time. hair rebonding can do to get good results, but taking care of back hair rebonding seriously advised because it can stop hair loss happens. Love your hair and pamper them.

How to Control Hair Fall Caused Due to Rebonding, article

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