Lignin can protect plants from sunburn

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lignin, a natural material in plants and a product of important waste of the paper industry, can be added to creams sunscreen to protect themselves from acquiring sunburn , according to a new study. Most sunscreen products currently on the market contain synthetic compounds that help prevent ultraviolet rays damage the skin. However, consumers are looking for better performance of the product that comes from natural sources. This has led researchers to experiment with compounds of a variety of sources. According to the study published recently in the journal Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Shiping Zhu McMaster University in Canada and Qiu Xueqing from the University of South China Technology found that of the five types of lignin tested, improved lignin organosolv sun protection factor (SPF) of sunscreen to the fullest. (Read: enjoy a sunny day, do not let sunburn disturbing !! )

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sunscreen containing only one percent of this compound doubled the original SPF lotion – it went from 15 to 30. a lotion with 10 percent organosolv lignin SPF further increased, from 15 to almost 92, but excessive amounts of lignin hydrophilic such as lignosulfonate caused the product to initiate separation. The researchers said that although it takes more work to do, the results represent a promising first step towards the development of lignin-containing sunscreen. (Read: easy and effective for treating sunburn at home )

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