Make your own serum argan oil for frizzy hair

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Make your own serum argan oil for frizzy hair ; Argan for de-frizz


Argan oil – the last trend beauty care has gained popularity due to its properties “liquid gold”. Argan oil provides a rich, non-greasy consistency that makes it very comfortable to use, especially as a serum after washing or leave-in conditioner. Knowledge why everyone goes gaga over argan oil here.

Moroccan argan oil or you can transform your hair when used in its natural form. Can improve the texture of your hair, remove frizz, strengthen and moisturize hair considerably since it has enough vitamin E. Therefore, a few drops could relieve you from frizz and split ends also.


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• With no more than 2-3 drops of pure argan oil in scope, applying to the hair damp. Start applying their half of the hair length or just below the ears.

• Be careful to apply the oil on the scalp. You do not want your hair to become oily.

• Let your hair dry naturally.

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Here are some brands that offer argan oil in India: ‘coldpressed Argan oil carrier “by Soulflower,’ oil pure argan ‘by argania,” Oil 100% “by John Master Organics and ‘Nisa argan oil for healthy skin. “

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note :. The above recommendations do not support any commercial product service and effectiveness of the product may vary between different individuals

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