Product Review: BBlunt Conditioning Anti-Frizz Leave-cream

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Product Review: BBlunt Conditioning Anti-Frizz Leave-cream ; bblunt-leave-in-conditioner-beauty-THS


Now that summer is here, the only thing the most women fear is increasing moisture levels that is directly responsible for frizzy and unmanageable hair. Whether it is summer or not, my hair is frizzy and wavy and super constantly during these hot summer days, it is also very easily entangles. I decided I had to take matters into my own hands and invest in a good product to control frizz. After searching leave-in conditioners options that are available in India, I found control anti-frizz cream leave-in B-Blunt weather.

150 g bottles costs around Rs. 383 and that can easily be ordered online and are also found in most beauty supply stores. The ingredients consist of quinoa with eight essential amino acids and provitamin B5 and the bottle is black and very elegant looking with a different structure, so they decided to invest in it. Moreover, compared with other leave-in conditioners available in India by L’Oreal and Shwartzkopf, among other brands, the BBlunt leave-in cream is also the most affordable. It could also make your own leave-in conditioners at home .

The trial

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been a week since I started using the cream leave-in BBlunt. I was excited to give it a try, because it has good reviews on Amazon and Flipkart too. The bottle has a pump on top and cream is white with a slightly thick consistency. The instructions stated that the bottle should be used on towel-dried hair and spread evenly from the hair ends at half the length. When I first tried to use the bomb, which almost fell and needed to be adjusted and pumped several times before it began to function normally. These are 5 days ingredients that make excellent hair conditioners .

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my review

I thought the bomb was not very comfortable to use, but once I got used to it, luckily no further damage. I was surprised to see that despite the consistency of cream, is not heavy and does not weigh the hair in any way. It is very effective for the hair and reduce frizz did, but only for an hour or so. After two to three hours, frizz was back and so was the roughness in my hair. It does work, but only very temporary. I think while claiming that you can get rid of frizz, forgot what brutal Indian summers can be one’s hair! You can also try this DIY natural leave-in conditioner .

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My Rating: 3.5 / 5

Image source: BBlunt website

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