Product Review: Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream

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Product Review: Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream ; himalaya-protein-hair-beauty-THS

Since I have extremely dry and frizzy hair, I’m on the look constant out for hair creams and masks that can help soften the hair. During my search for the right products, I found Himalayan herbs Cream hair protein. The product has natural proteins derived from chickpeas and amla. I decided to invest in the product and amla is the perfect place to get rid of hair problems ingredient. A bathtub of 175 g of product costs Rs 100, which makes it more affordable compared to other hair products and is easy and comfortable to use, while you’re at home at least. In addition, this product can be found easily in most stores.

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The trial

instructions mention use to be used both before and after shampooing hair, but once you actually opens the bathtub, you will realize what a bad idea it would. The cream is thick white color consistency. As soon as it is applied to the hair, which weighs down completely and makes the scalp look very oily. I have used this product for over a month and I realized that the cream has to be massaged into the scalp patiently for several minutes to complete. I have used this product twice a week after oiling my hair. I applied small portions on the scalp and then massaged from root to tip.

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My opinion

had very high expectations cream protein Himalaya because I have previously used the cream against hair loss, which does not help in making my hair softer. However, I felt comparatively protein cream is not as effective. The cream itself is very heavy and even slightly greasy and can not be rinsed with water only. Therefore, be sure to use a shampoo and completely avoid reapplying after a hair wash because of its thick consistency. It helped soften hair and reduce frizz, but only to a point. However, given how affordable it is, I would recommend this product despite the cons. You can also try these four easy egg packages healthier hair .

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My assessment: 3/5

Image Source: Official site Himalaya

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