tricks experts to test long-lasting makeup stains

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tricks experts to test long-lasting makeup stains ; woman-makeup

Those few extra minutes spent perfecting your makeup can give you impeccable, shiny appearance. But all their efforts may fall flat due to sweat. We give some tips to make your makeup for long-lasting finish that will not stain.

* Use ice: expert makeup, Gunjan Gaur beauty clinic ELA suggests rubbing a piece of ice all over her face before applying makeup. This not only closes the pores of the skin, but also make your face less sweaty all day. This is especially useful for women who wear makeup on a daily basis.

* Exfoliate: Exfoliation skin of all dead cells leaving it clean and healthy melts. It also provides a smooth base for better makeup application.

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* Use face pack : ‘Before applying makeup, wear a mask-stretching of the skin. This will tighten the skin pores and prevent sweating as the day progresses. Above all, it will make the foundation or base glide easily. ‘Says Gaur.

* Hydrate: Do not forget to moisturize your face. This crucial step ensures that the makeup does not dry or flake over time. Using a light moisturizer works best as a base.

* Primer: The use of a primer is the key to long lasting makeup. As a layer between the skin and makeup, it protects the skin and hers also keeps makeup in place for longer.

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* Change the foundation: Gaur recommended to change the basis of regular makeup with a matte mousse, soufflé or studio-fix. This gives a glossy finish and also prevents your face look too sweaty, oily or greasy.

* Powder: A zone T fat can completely ruin their appearance. I manage it gently passing a little translucent powder with a large fluffy brush throughout the day.

Here are some more tips to make your make last all day.

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