What kind of clothes you can help hide my belly fat? (Male and aesthetic consultation)

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What kind of clothes you can help hide my belly fat? (Male and aesthetic consultation) ; pot belly dressing

I am a 28 year old working professional. I’m a little on the big side and have a protruding belly. I often find my stomach looking obtrusive with clothing that is normally used. What should I wear to hide my belly fat?

If you have a tummy, then you have to change your style of dress to hide. This is what you could do.

ditch tight clothes

you should not use any body-hugging, since only going to highlight the area you want to hide the full. No tight shirts with buttons are about to pop out. Avoid fitting muscle shirts. Keep in mind that loose clothing, not make you look slimmer, it is the right fit matters.

choose the right fabric

may seem completely out if you have not paid attention to the material used. Even if the style and pattern of your outfit is good, the material may be against him. Avoid using satin, lycra, or even tight sweaters.

equipados- Avoid bad pants

This is very important, especially if you have to wear formal pants . You should know the waist size that fits you best, and fit and pants style you chose. If you do not have a clue, ask the stylist of the brand or the seller in the store that will guide you through different styles. Also, make sure you are comfortable and not feel uncomfortable at his waist. Do not opt ​​for low waist pants. It will not help to look better. In fact, your stomach will emerge. Instead, use mid waist pants or pants.

choose the right color

Dark colors are an easy way to look slimmer. However, wear is your shirt or pants in a dark color and not as much as the whole look could be very boring. For example, you could use a pair of navy blue pants with a brown shirt. You can also choose the colors as your skin complexion. Men with a dark color or skin tone wheatish could play with bright colors, such as navy blue, dark brown, olive green, or even dark red. If you are fair-skinned and then go for muted colors at least for their shirts and tees.


to shift attention away from their womb wearing a jacket whenever possible. Experiment with different types of jackets. You could wear a sleeveless jacket or waist coat in a darker or wear a shirt with a darker color and shirt in contrast to the tone. Try different impressions as detailed checks, pictures or even pinstripes. Also, try teamwork this with a basic loop if the rest of your look has vivid colors and prints. Apart from this, you could wear kurtas Straight-fit, or longer, even if preferred.

Comfort first

You should not be blindly follow trends could finish as ashamed! You have to give comfort a priority and find a suit that attenuates rather than make them look bigger. Do not wear something for the sake of stylish looking. Suit your personal style and balance.

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