How to make important decisions in medicine – or may not be

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How to make important decisions in medicine – or may not be ;

Like in life, is not a choice we can make in selecting our form of medicine that reflects the famous question of Shakespeare “To be or not to be ? ” In life, to choose to be is to choose to be ourselves, who we really are. I call this our “I AM” statement. As simple as it may seem, be yourself is the healthiest way one can choose to be. Not to be is the choice, therefore, that goes against or denied us be ourselves, our true nature. That’s the choice that leads to disease. It is not limited to lead to a disease of the mind and emotions, but also the physical body. Yes, the options than may lead to disease in the body after long periods of time, to deny ourselves to be what we are. In simple terms, the way this happens is that the universal life force, called Chi, Prana, or Orgon, from different sciences and cosmologies crashes when we choose unless . Imagine the soul as a bright flame. The same affirmation of the soul is “I AM.” When we choose not what our soul is truly that become misaligned with the bright flame and parts of us fall into darkness. It’s like choosing not what we are, we are declaring a strike or an obstruction to the flow of life itself. As a result, the Chi, Prana, Orgon can not flow into the parts of ourselves that are normally supplied by this universal life force that emanates from the soul. This is the essence of what leads to disease. The disease, in all its symptoms and effects on the body, appears there as a result of the blockage in our life force.

Symptoms of the disease to bring important messages

Understanding this direction of influence is important when making decisions about what kind of medicine we select for ourselves. I’ve definitely confirmed in my more than 15 years of practice, and also in the treatment of my own rare and difficult form of the disease is that the body reflects what is happening in the mental and emotional levels. If the mind says “I’m not happy,” the body becomes unhappy in a way that reflects. If the mind says: “I’m tense all over” the body will reflect in a very similar way to become stressful. If the mind says “I’m bad” and the emotions of the person attacks themselves, the body will reflect that by “attacking itself.” This is a classic model I found in my cases of autoimmune disease. The metaphor I use is that the body is like a faithful puppy dog, always responding to the orders of the mental and emotional levels to reflect them. Taking all this that the symptoms of the disease in the body are a communication of a higher level that something is “off” within us. Symptoms are the barometers, the communication system of the body that says “Hello !!! It’s time to stop and listen !!” Stopping and listening is a way to pay attention to the options we are doing not be . Symptoms, therefore, and the disease itself, it is a means for us to get back in touch with our “I AM.” be .

US Drug stop listening messages Carrying symptoms

Log in pharmaceutical drugs, or, in our modern times, nutraceutical supplement. What is it designed to do? These medications and supplements direct manifestation of symptoms at the level of the body and do nothing to treat the underlying cause of the disease. Therefore, remove the communication system that is expressing that something is “off”. You’re driving too fast and speedometer reads is doing the speed limit. The house is on fire and has no way of knowing because small monkeys inside the drug are stoking the smoke detector hard to keep reading that there is no problem. What is the faithful dog puppy to do? On the one hand, the body reflects what the mind is doing. When the mind is doing something that is not aligned with our true nature, the body reflects that through the symptoms of the disease. When the drug begins to act, it is trying to force the body to stop the manifestation of symptoms. In naturopathic medicine, this is known as the suppression of symptoms. How confusing it is for our bodies to be given commands that work in opposite directions completely?

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physiological adaptation and the rebound effect – Drugs Reinforce the disease

As a result, there are two things that occur during a treatment cycle on drugs or supplements that really shows that drugs and supplements are not our friends *** . These phenomena are well known in conventional and naturopathic medicine. Called physiological adaptation and rebound effect . In physiological adaptation , the dose of a medication or supplement has to be increased over time to continue to keep the symptoms of the disease under control. Why is that? It is because the faithful dog puppy is being given an order from the mental-emotional center must obey. So when you get a drug that gives along an opposite policy, the body has to fight against drugs. As the fight against drugs, the body is strengthened in its expression of symptoms. In other words, by administering suppressive drugs or supplements, actually we are strengthening the disease. Is not it ironic? Another indication that drugs are causing the disease is strengthening rebound effect. The effect rebound occurs when a drug is stopped and the symptoms have a sudden increase in the intensity and amplitude. As a person who tries to keep a door is closed, imagine the faithful dog puppy pushing back against the drug, as it is trying to push the body in the opposite direction to the expression of symptoms. Then, suddenly, the drug is withdrawn. The person lurches forward because his momentum in trying to push against the door. The same happens in the body of a person who has a drug eliminated. Both these phenomena indicate that drug strengthens our disease. More importantly, take a drug is not curative. It is suppressive. There is an option to do some healing. Not carry out a lasting correction. Not listen and respond to what causes a problem. Therefore, it is the most excellent option not we can do in medicine.

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Choose health – Choose to be

search for professionals who will help you understand what the symptoms of the body they are saying they are. Ask for it. Look for professionals working in harmony with the healing power of nature to help correct disease at its root cause. This is an option To Be in medicine.

really is only one option. be . Everything else is an illusion.

*** In some rare cases, a medication or supplement that treats the symptoms of the disease may be necessary when a patient is overwhelmed and unable to take the path – “Being” – in medicine.

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** The main drugs that work in harmony with the healing power of nature include, homeopathy, holistic Guidance (Vis Dialogue) and other forms of counseling and psychotherapy to help a patient reach consciousness your problem, cranio sacral therapy the osteopathy (when in the hands). Healthy nutrition is fine. Nutritional support is fine. The use of supplements to fight the disease is not in harmony with the healing power of nature.

Block_Headshot_2014 Moshe Daniel Block, ND, HMC is the author of The Revolution of naturopathic medicine: staying true to our philosophy, a book on the philosophy and practice of naturopathic medicine. He graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (Toronto, Ontario) in 2000. Dr. Block then went on to complete the homeopathic clinical course Master with Louis Klein, FSHom in 2003. It specializes in autoimmune disease and myasthenia gravis, a disease that was diagnosed as having personally and that he has healed. He teaches the same wisdom and knowledge that helped him heal himself and others in his course of holistic guidance for NDS, students, and others health professionals . Some of the other projects Dr. Block has worked can be found in your website private practice , the book’s website , and global website .

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