If I tell you what the best medicine on Earth is, will you do it?

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If I tell you what the best medicine on Earth is, will you do it? ;

There is a hierarchy of Maslow in medicine and healing, only works in an opposite direction.

The principle of Maslow’s hierarchy is simple. States that if a person is hungry, and seek 17619889_l food before shelter. If a person has no shelter, they will not seek intimacy with others. When a person is fully occupied with his loneliness and non, they will set that as a priority before they begin to look deeper into themselves. It is only when all the minor needs a person looks at self-realization, which, one might say, is the highest calling for a human being are met.

Medicine and healing are similar, but opposite. The best medicine on earth can not be achieved until all other minor forms of medicine are free.

The vilest medicine is the crudest and the most false. It is based on the premise that is completely false – that the health of a patient in chronic disease is in the hands of doctor * The notion that the doctor is responsible for the patient’s health is one of the best. most powerful mass delusions ever sink your teeth into humanity. Conventional medicine is dominated by this form of belief. It is method of application of medicine is a war raging against the disease. Combat, battle, suppress symptoms. Cut the diseased part of the body. Suffocate the person of toxic drugs with side effects worldwide. We call this form of allopathic medicine, and is the lowest form of medicine available today. The fact that those who practice this form of medicine is advertised as health authorities is an extension of deception. This form of medicine is no stranger to naturopathic medicine. A considerable part of naturopaths practice allopathically, but not step on the scale medical hierarchy by using much less toxic supplements and natural herbs. This medicine is not very healing. It’s just a game we play pretend we’re doing something for our health, while in the meantime, the suppression makes the root cause worse and in time, a major form of the disease will arise along the way.

The next form of step-up of medicine is where the doctor provides healthy advice, as good diet, exercise, healthy practices, good water, and helps train the patient to take this forward on their own. This form of medicine often involves detoxification of the body and is “Role-Based Systems” which means that the body systems such as the immune, digestive, reproductive, endocrine, nervous, etc., are the main focus. This level is still pretty physics based and the patient has no understanding of the workings of the mind and emotions, but can be directed more towards the individual and becomes closer to the source of the problem of a person. A very important part of naturopathic doctors practicing at this level and the wisest of doctors and conventional chiropractors do so.

The next rung on the ladder of the hierarchy includes more subtle healing drugs that remove blockages in the energy field of the person. Acupuncture, reiki, shiatsu, healing touch light and other energy forms of hands-on healing work at this level. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the Shen (mind) regulates the Qi (energy) that governs Jing (blood and body level). To remove blockages and restore balance in the level of Qi, these drugs work at a higher point in the human and closer to the source of healing being. Instead of fighting the external manifestations of the symptoms of the disease and the lowest form of medicine, they strive to eliminate issues closer to the source. For this, we can be more effective in healing the more subtle forms of the disease and also more effective in reality healing body, because they are not aimed at suppressing symptoms simply. However, the patient is still not as involved in obtaining a deeper understanding of their problem is that mentally and emotionally and how to cope with it.

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The next level of healing is on a higher plane and is almost the best form of medicine. It is homeopathy. Homeopathy is so effective because it takes into account all the symptoms of a patient in the mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual levels and because it works with the Law of Similars – using poison to cure. Explained, homeopathic healing involves the use of a substance in nature that makes an image of the disease at all levels in a healthy human being in a sick person with the similar symptom picture. It is a real medicine “everyone”. One might be tempted to put essential oils and flower remedies at this level because they can and should treat mental emotional symptoms but are not as effective in healing such as homeopathy, because they do not take into account the full picture of the disease, they are not empowered, and the law of similars is not used. They can and move energies and help restore balance in the level of emotion and Qi, so belong somewhere on the lower level.

When a homeopathic remedy is administered in the best possible way, classically, it is very hard to beat. The effects are global, durable, soft, but often fastly. I have often thought that this is the best medicine on the planet, and is not far away. If the best medicine that I still call her name did not exist, homeopathy would be the maximum. But he, too, something is missing. You can not find the highest element. The only thing is the simplest yet most important for each person to discover and use the time.

The best medicine is the will.

I do not mean to force, or using the power of the will to ward off the disease and see that it has disappeared. This is a mixture of using willpower to fight the disease and prevents understanding the root cause of the problem.

What I am instead suggesting is the person who uses his given by God to find the will to change what they are doing in their mind, emotion, body, life, spirituality capacity, relationships , holism, everywhere, that is not healthy for them. This is to make better decisions about what believe is true, first, and then we feel as a result and eventually make changes to the options of how we act.

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In this highest form of medicine lives the most important truth. That each of us is responsible for our own health and that the power to heal lives in all of us. The potency of this drug is also increased by the fact that the myth is dispelled allopathic medicine, the doctor is responsible for the patient’s health.

There are not many forms of medicine that is properly applied the best medicine.

Most are trapped in the treatment of symptoms or systems.

The kingdom in which the best form of medicine mora is in psychology, but counselors, psychotherapists and psychologists do not help patients connect your mind with your body and reality psychology has not yet recognized the power that can be to heal even physical illness. Psychologists and other professionals, as they also know how to help a patient become aware of the deeper dimension of your problem if you do not introduce too much of their own knowledge and awareness, thus negating the patient to have his own moment ‘aha’. This results in a lack of connection to the highest form of medicine -. Will

‘ve worked many years to develop a form of medicine that allows the patient to heal themselves through the revelation of what is their problem. It is called Integral Counseling – The Vis Dialogue, and is a form of advice that I created that involves no leading questions to help a patient recognize the cause of his illness and then find ways to use your will to make the necessary change brings health. My book Holistic Counseling -. Introducing the Vis Dialogue is designed to reveal this method and philosophy of naturopathic medicine surrounding illustrating the will and, in particular, the choice, as the highest form of medicine **

and this is how the hierarchy of healing works backwards from the way Maslow’s hierarchy works, since in order to access the highest form of medicine, minor forms will have to leave. How will you know what options and beliefs have led to their illness if they have only treated the symptoms and not demand to know more about the root cause? How it will change these root causes if run for symptomatic relief? How will you grow as a person through learning involved in the disease do not even understand what has led to the disease in the first place?

And this is where it has gotten very subtle. In cases that have gotten very deep through holistic advice – Vis Dialogue, I’ve also been clear about a very powerful homeopathic remedy can also help a healthy person. But I do not care, because I know with your new consciousness, if they decide to apply, will be the realization of medicine at the highest level and significant. They are applying their willingness to change their life and health for the better. I realized at the end of the sessions of phenomenal holistic advice that a patient is there mind looking into the cause of your problem right in your face, and then when I offer a homeopathic remedy for complement healing, it has been the focus. It is as if the patient shakes his head and loses its right alignment to the cause will. His eyes overlook a little, as they have gone from the highest form of medicine – “I have the will and the power to heal myself,” for Sure, I’ll “The homeopathic remedy will do it for me.” to prescribe homeopathic remedies, where the patient is caught in excess debris to recognize his will and be able to apply. It is not always possible to apply the highest form of medicine. But over time, these patients will also be able to climb the last rung of the ladder to find your willingness to align with what is healthy for them. It is also true that homeopathy does not eliminate the patient’s will from the equation. With a good remedy, the patient often found naturally and effortlessly sometimes make the best choices. However, if one is able to get without remedy, for me, it is the highest.

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And there, at the top of the stairs, you can achieve something quite interesting. In recognition of one’s ability to align all of his own will with the healing power of nature and the Divine, one attains self-realization. At the summit, the hierarchy of healing and Maslow’s hierarchy become one and the same.

So the next time someone asks if you are sharing with them what the best form of medicine is, tell them will .

* It is the exception that a person is in need of emergency care, or can not undergo the mind-body medicine.

** Holistic Counseling -. Introducing the Vis Dialogue it will be officially launched on March 25, 2016 to amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

Moshe Daniel Block , ND, HMC is the author of the revolution of naturopathic medicine: staying true to our philosophy, a book on the philosophy and practice of naturopathic medicine. He graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (Toronto, Ontario) in 2000. Dr. Block then went on to complete the homeopathic clinical course Master with Louis Klein, FSHom in 2003. It specializes in autoimmune disease and myasthenia gravis, a disease that was diagnosed as having personally and that he has healed. He teaches the same wisdom and knowledge that helped him heal himself and others in his course of holistic guidance for NDS, students, and other health professionals . Some of the other projects Dr. Block has worked can be found in your website private practice , the book’s website , and global website .

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