Wearables WiFi :? Convenience for Security trade

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Wearables WiFi 😕 Convenience for Security trade ;

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With the holidays approaching, he was ogling the latest “techno-gadgets” in the market for your friends and family? Like any technophile know, there is an incredible variety of portable technology available – Fitbit to track your mileage, watches smartphones, Google Glass, Recon Jet (glasses smartphone for athletes), glasses virtual images (Optinvent ORA ), even sophisticated jewelry Ringly smartphone. The potential for market PMD smartphone is tremendous, with sales expected to quadruple worldwide by 2017, up from 27 million in 2014. 1 technology smart phone has expanded with the potential to fill our homes with new devices: smart, intelligent concentrators appliances, smart meters – which records consumption of electric energy in the home, and even some baby monitors that use WiFi. Wireless technology is new, but there is a generation that is now exposed to radiation emitted by these devices starting from birth, or even in the womb. We not fully understand the implications of this.

But we have negotiated convenience for security? Exposure to electromagnetic fields, including extremely low frequency (ELF) fields with as low as 30 Hz frequencies and radiofrequency radiation (RF) with frequencies up to 300 GHz have been linked to a wide range of adverse health effects 2 . RF is non-ionizing radiation emitted by all wireless, such as television, radar, WiFi, Bluetooth cell phones and electronic devices.

It is important to note the frequency and power, as well as the way the signal is transmitted by a device, which have different effects on the human body. Bluetooth operates at frequencies around 2.4 GHz at a maximum power of 100 milliwatts. While mobile phones also operate on a level of around 2.4 GHz frequency, which operate at a much higher power, up to 3 watts. The radiation dose received is a function of energy, time and distance, and thus carry have the potential to be exposed to more radiation than a similar device that is not connected to your body.

Some carry as fitness trackers, clocks, smart phones and jewelry dress with Bluetooth function or has an option for Bluetooth, other work similar to that of cell phones powers. There is evidence that the radiation emitted by both may be harmful .

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The severity of the problem has become evident in the united efforts of 190 scientists from 39 countries have signed the Scientific International CEM appeal 4 . These scientists have published together more than 2000 peer-reviewed articles on health and biological effects of ELF and RF radiation. The EMF Scientific International Appeal is a call to action for WHO, Environmental United Nations Programme of the United Nations (UNEP) and to take action to address the public health crisis related wireless transmission and non-ionizing radiation associated, and to a prompt UNEP to investigate alternatives.

The World Health Organization has recognized electrohipersensibilidad (EHS), often referred to as electromagnetic sensitivity (EMS), as an emerging condition 5 . Controversial and not recognized in many countries, it is a fully functional impairment and officially recognized in Sweden. In California, 3% of people believe they have EHS. 5-13% of the population in Switzerland, Germany (2004) and Taiwan (2010) symptoms of EHS 6 . Symptoms vary widely in their severity, and include dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, heart palpitations, digestive disorders and skin reactions such as redness, tingling or burning sensation 5 .

Studies have shown ELF and RF linked to a wide range of adverse health effects, other studies have shown no effect or the opposite effect in some cases. An increased risk of brain tumors 7 has been observed, as well as reports of adverse effects on sperm motility and pathology in men who use a cell phone or pager 8 . In addition, a 2 hour exposure to cell phones causes increased pathological drain the blood brain barrier 9 . People living near cell towers reported insomnia. In addition, short-term effects on memory, learning, cognition, concentration, reaction time, and altered EEG have been reported 2 . Studies have shown equal or less than 2.4 GHz genotoxic potency in which Bluetooth 10 functions.

The effects on children, including in utero, may be particularly harmful. There is a low to moderate risk of childhood leukemia and exposure to ELF 11 . In one study, it was found that mothers who used cell phones during pregnancy had children with behavioral problems (hyperactivity, emotional, behavioral and peer problems) than mothers who did 12 .

iPads and tablets have become the go-to “nanny” for busy parents. It has become very convenient to set up children with an educational application to join them as we begin dinner, take a shower, or make that important phone call. Tablets also are often used to keep constant the complaint, “Are we there yet ???” when on the road. But we can be doing more harm than good , and it seems that it could be serious.

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Some Doctors suggest that the use of electronic devices in children is affecting them as they learn to communicate and may also contribute to increased childhood anxiety.

recently I put my own children in a quick way, which involved removing access to their tablets as well as the elimination of all time screen . The original fasting was to last for 30 days. I IMG_6716 started with a weekend of camping, thinking it might help ease the transition. The three-hour trip to the camp was a constant complaint from boring. I was shocked! As I child I loved to look out the window on road trips and let my imagination. We like to do all kinds of games to keep us entertained. I realized at that time the importance of this fast would be. The first two weeks of fasting were difficult for them and for me. Now we have been fasting for more than three months and that was the best thing I’ve done! My kids behave better, sleep better, and have become very creative and imaginative. They are elaborate games and songs. They build fortresses, dollhouses and fairy IMG_6701 paper and cardboard furniture. Even they catch them in what seems to be a hobby-daydreaming very important! I feel I have called the wonder of childhood! As Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” In this global world in which they live, creativity and critical thinking skills can give a creative advantage over children whose minds are spoon-fed with technology, so this time imaginative and quiet is giving them more than any educational application can provide.

So, as consumers, how protect We can avoid carrying over, or limit the time we use them. Extra caution should be used with our children and their use of mobile technology. We can choose alternative technologies such as a standard refrigerator rather than one with intelligent technology. We can also choose not to participate in the smart meter technology 13 . The choice is ours.

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razi Razi Berry , founder and editor of Naturopathic Doctor News & Review ( ndnr .com ) and NaturalPath ( thenatpath.com ), has spent the last decade as an advocate of natural medicine and marketing genius. She has galvanized the support of the naturist community, bringing a higher quality of health care to millions of Americans through their publications. A self-proclaimed health food addict and mother of two children; she loves all things in nature, is obsessed with organic gardening, fruit trees (not easy) in Phoenix growth, snorts and laughing until homeschooling. She is a bit crusty and yes, that is his real name.


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