Fasting: His innate power of self-healing

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Fasting: His innate power of self-healing ;

Dr. Charley Cropley, ND

Would you like to know one of the main absolute practices that has kept me young and healthy? It is fasting . So does my son, daughter, former wife and granddaughter. None of us has had an antibiotic or vaccine or any kind of significant disease. We do not take medication and probably never will.

The wisdom of how and when to apply fasting is essential to our well-being. In fact, it is one of the pillars; confidence strategy quickly and effectively accelerates healing in all forms of disease and injury .

I will teach you to discover, appreciate and understand this natural power he possesses. This course is as challenging as you want it or not. Self-purification is extremely safe, extremely intelligent, elegant and powerful. It will be drink freshly squeezed vegetables, a lot of raw foods and taking herbal products that cleanse the intestines. You will see and feel the poisons out of your body, and the experience of a kind of cleaning that spreads throughout your body. Fasting brings healing power in the sick places on your body and cleanse and purify them. , Stiff aching joints, swollen or weak stomach or intestines. The wisdom of your body knows exactly what to do.

Fasting is a natural miracle

do not know of any other practice or therapy that can even approach the benefits of personalized modified fast. It is a genuine living miracle. In the same sense, exercise and sleep are also these signals. Nothing can replace them. What it is there to substitute sleep? Nothing, right? It’s the same for fasting. Once you experience life and body transforming power of fasting, never forget. You know you’ve touched personally been touched by the hand of God healing.

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Like food, movement, sunlight, water, air and sleep, fasting is a natural force, a true Angel purifying remains, nourishes and strengthens our bodies. This is the old way, eternal, natural Mother Earth cares for all his creatures.

If you do not know how to fast, then you have not really learned to take care of herself. Knowing how to eat well every day is essential. However eating well is only half of a complete and balanced food that will keep your healthy radiantly.

governs Hunger food. Love rules fasting. Fasting is the masculine energy that restores and maintains female skills to digest, to remove, to move, to drain, to protect, to heat. They are enlivened, restored and balanced by not eating.

If you learn this life skill, you will be able to seriously improve any health problems. It can really rejuvenate your sick and tired body. You will lose your fear of the disease. You know in your bones that can cure anything that arises. I’m not making claims about the healing of very advanced disease. I’m saying you have a tool that will give unprecedented confidence in the ability to self-repair of your body.

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If you are taking any medication or if your health has been gradually declining for 10 years or more, take a serious look at doing this course. Fasting a mainstay in their treatment regimen for the recovery of her youth and vitality.

If you have children and want to keep them free of antibiotics wish to attend this class.

You do not need to be afraid that this is very difficult for you. I will teach you how to adapt what you eat to feel good in control and comfortable all the time.

will face the power of hunger. Nobody beats the cold more than hunger, heat, pain or fatigue. You learn to cultivate a cautious relationship with these forces and bless you with his healing power.

How to make a good workout, you are pushing against your own limits. Honestly the participation of its limits puts you in touch with the great power that then comes back into your daily life. To find their food preferences, his dream, his walk and twists infused with a beneficial power. Begin to make things better for yourself. You feel good and want to keep that feeling. So you live more consciously. And I really, really like.

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If this interests you. If you want to experience in your own body the truth of what I say, please join me in Dr. Juice 7 Day Cropley fast. I will teach you how to fast.

Yours in health and happiness


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Dr. Charley Cropley has been a practice of Naturopathic Doctor, professor and author in the Boulder / Denver since 1979. He has formed hundreds of doctors in their methods of nutrition and automatic recovery. a variety of courses and retreats are taught. He is the author of numerous articles, several books, a blog and an array of audio and video. He is a frequent speaker at schools of naturopathic medicine, and is considered by his peers as one of the most important thinkers of today and teachers in the philosophy and practice of naturopathic medicine.

Charley works with all types of health problems using no drugs or supplements. He teaches his patients to heal themselves through healthy nutrition, strengthening exercises, positive thinking and honest stable and loving relationships. He lives what he teaches.

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