Would you get pectoral implants for the perfect breast?

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Would you get pectoral implants for the perfect breast? ;

pec implants
Pec or pectoral implants help to increase the size of your pectoral muscles. This procedure involves the expansion of the chest muscles and helps correct any deformity in the chest with silicone implants, placed under similar to breast implants. The measures are taken in accordance with the chest size of implants or are customized for the kind of look you might prefer. The silicone used is flexible, durable and soft which helps fit well with the skin in that area. These implants do not interfere with the functioning of muscles anyway. These are useful for contouring the body and improves male chest muscles for a bulkier look.

Difference between pectoral implants and breast implants

The pectoral surgery differs in size silicone implants offered and how. Pectoral implants vary in size between 150 cc to 235 cc, compared to breast implants ranging anywhere from 250 cc to 335 cc and are rounder, fuller and smoother. Pectoral implants are much stronger and have a more square-like.

Who is it meant for?

For those who want larger breasts and are unable to reach them with hard workouts and exercises, usually (bodybuilders) prefer this type of implant. This surgery also helps to correct a “pigeon chest” to achieve a more desirable appearance. People who have suffered from chest deformity (asymmetry, congenital or traumatic deformity) by birth could also look at this option for greater aesthetic appeal.

pre and post surgery

Before going for surgery, there are some important things you should mark the for your list box:

  • Avoid exercising at least two weeks before surgery.
  • track your current health status and your medical history to determine if they are able to go for surgery after consulting your doctor
  • is important to discuss with your surgeon, what the procedure is going to be and what is expected of her. In addition, if there is something to consider post surgery or side effects, should be clear to you.

Care after surgery

  • Once the surgery is performed, a break of 24 hours is necessary anyways.
  • shall take at least 2-3 weeks to recover as chest pain would be. Avoid any sport for 2-6 weeks until he recovers completely.
  • A shift can occur during surgery. This requires a new procedure to place the right implant.

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