Bollywood actor Om Puri quit smoking after surgery of the mouth

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Bollywood actor Om Puri quit smoking after surgery of the mouth ;

quit smoking
Bollywood actor Om Puri recently he underwent surgery of the mouth of a white spot on the intimidating mouth. While it is totally fine now onwards quit swearing. Veteran actor appeared healthy and strong when this writer spoke to him. (Read: 10 reasons smoking is bad for you )

Speaking of the test, Om said: ‘When this white spot is detected in the mouth I was hospitalized and fearing the worst, immediate surgery was performed. Most fortunately for me, it was found that the patch to be benign. So there is no threat to life. ‘OM has been strictly advised to stop smoking. “After years of inability to quit I quit with immediate effect. Nothing is more important than one’s health. I have noticed this after being in the hospital,” he said. (Read 😕 are ‘disabled’ (Exclusive Interview cancer survivors )

The actor whose next release ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, you presented as the main protagonist tremendous against British actress Helen Mirren he says papers have dried up for him at home. “Indian cinema seems to have nothing to offer anymore. Having seen and done, I suddenly find myself without work at home, “he said remind you that the West still reveres his talent and OM says.” But that can not stop me going as an actor. A good deal of the West comes once in a blue moon. I have to be valued at home “(ie: the prohibition Gutka – only on paper )

Anytime is a good time to stop. smoking, but if you’re looking for extra motivation, why resolve not to abandon the bad habit now Here are five methods to consider for those who expect to be ex- smokers this year:

. – nicotine patches applied to the skin, provide a continuous supply of the drug and are available in different doses, so that smokers can dial back their consumption gradually there is also the option . of gum or lozenge based on the same principle These can be consumed several times a day, but only for a period of less than six months

-.. acupuncture , traditional Chinese practice, can help reduce cravings through the insertion of needles into specific body points

-. Herbal cigarettes that contain nicotine, but do not contain tar, allow smokers to go through the smoking, as your body goes through nicotine withdrawal

– . Hypnosis speaks to the smoker on a subconscious level, in an attempt to reinforce his decision to quit smoking and possibly even reduce the desire to smoke

– E-cigarettes, which the sensations of smoking regularly replicate, they are an increasingly popular for those trying to quit smoking option. The corresponding e-liquid is available in a variety of flavors and nicotine levels.

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