New blood test with a sensitivity of 80% developed to detect the risk of breast cancer

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Breast cancer has been one of the main causes of concern for years with women being more numeric susceptible to it now. Scientists have spent many years in the development of various techniques and methods to identify the risk of breast cancer in women. Now, scientists have come up with a simple blood test to predict future risk of cancer breast . According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in both developed and less developed world, and in the long term the scientists hope the new method will lead to better prevention and early treatment of the disease. (Read: gene aggressive breast cancer identified )

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Professor Rasmus Bro from the University of Copenhagen, said the method was better than mammography, which can only be used when the disease he had already occurred. It was surprising that breast cancer could now be predicted years in the future. He stressed the method has been tested and validated only for a single population (cohort) and needs to be validated more widely before it can be used in practice. The method has been developed in cooperation with the Danish Cancer Society. the focus of researchers to develop the method of food science, where it is used for control of complex industrial processes was adopted. Basically, it is the manipulation and analysis of large amounts of biological data in a holistic and exploratory way. The researchers analyzed all compounds containing a blood sample rather than – as is often done in health and medical science – examining which means a single biomarker in relation to a specific disease. (Read: Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Time noted that breast cancer )

Professor Rasmus Bro explained that when a lot of relevant measurements of many individuals is used to assess risks to health, here breast cancer, a very high information quality was created. Most measurements of the analyzes contained, the better the model handle complex problems. The model reveals nothing about the importance of individual biomarkers in relation to breast cancer, but reveals the importance of a set of biomarkers and their interactions. While a mammogram can detect breast cancer newly developed with a sensitivity of 75 percent, the new profile of metabolic blood is able to predict the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer within the next 2 to 5 years , with a sensitivity of 80 percent. The study was recently published in metabolomics . (Read: 12 risk factors for breast cancer should know )

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