Bereavement and cholesterol with lifestyle and homeopathy

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Bereavement and cholesterol with lifestyle and homeopathy ;


recently had the opportunity to work with a 55-year-old on a combination of concerns ranging from long-standing emotional pain for high cholesterol, lack of energy, sleep problems and hypertension. The case will review here is not unusual and is more likely to be seen in the offices of many naturopathic doctors’ on a regular basis. What is especially important to consider is how the combination of naturopathic approaches, including lifestyle changes, homeopathic remedies and counseling can support the transition to an optimal state of wellness. What is needed is a motivated and responsive patient, physician and informed support and a toolbox that can be customized to suit individual needs.

Formulation of the issues

Stephanie (not her real name) came to my office last year because of intense fatigue that had been going on for several years. No longer he had the motivation or energy to garden, take long walks or just walk up and down the stairs of her several times a day like I used to in the past. After a thorough interview, I learned that Stephanie has two daughters, who had always been very close as they were growing. The youngest daughter eventually married, had four children and moved to the right in the street Stephanie, but soon cut all ties. Stephanie had lived with pain for several years full heart knowing that her daughter and four grandchildren were literally just one block from the road however, she did the opportunity to develop a relationship with them. It was shortly after Stephanie began to gain weight, your cholesterol levels increased and energy plummeted. It was filled with pain and physically ill.

Stephanie A daily routine including their work part-time in an office building that does the job that he loved. She had been married to the man of her dreams for several decades and his life from the outside looked quite ideal. Meals included gluten free menus cooked by her husband who had been diagnosed with celiac disease several years ago. Most meals focus on vegetables and protein with occasional servings of carbohydrates like rice and potatoes. Stephanie enjoyed one to two alcoholic drinks most nights a week. Other symptoms observed were Stephanie sleep problems and early menopause initiated by hysterectomy in her early 30s

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emotional pain that affects health

After spending an hour and average with Stephanie became clear that one of the main issues faced, before focusing on metabolic syndrome image that had emerged was the deep pain I was feeling regarding the relationship severed her and her daughter. Homeopathic Ignacia was the resource that most closely fit with the pain he was experiencing. Ignacia, although they are used for a variety of reasons, commonly called if the pain is prolonged and the person experiencing the pain seems “stuck” and unable to move forward; which it is a pain that is deep and debilitating both mentally and physically. I’ve seen Ignatia be successful in several cases. One case involved a woman experiencing pain by inhibiting their movement forward in life after more than a year since the death of her husband. A second concerns the young woman experiencing pain and loss after a bad breakup with her boyfriend. Although he knew that the break was a necessary step, experienced loss led to depression, daily crying spells and feelings of helplessness. His relationships, career and health were suffering. For these two women the remedy Ignatia produces spectacular results in just a few weeks. Both women separately identified their experience with Ignatia very similar: although both still the emotion of sadness of their loss is felt, both had experienced new energy that is, motivation and something to be once again able to see ” the light at the end of the tunnel “.

Stephanie results were very similar. She returned to my office 1 month after treatment began (the other treatment recommendations will be explained in the following paragraph). She described their results with Igantia as “a miracle”. She was no longer experiencing emotional and physical setbacks when you think your daughter or see photos of their grandchildren. Instead, she was able to process information without becoming emotionally overwhelmed and throwing it off its foundation. She noted, “I have no idea how (Ignatia) did, but it was a miracle.” His dream had also improved and, although it still had occasional dreams about her daughter, she felt she was able to process information and move on without the detrimental effects on their psyche and health.

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To address the physical components of health such as hypertension, high cholesterol and high levels of homocysteine ‚Äč‚Äčalong with physical symptoms including lack of energy, high body mass index and joint concerns / pain we have developed a muscular approach to medicine specific custom style life for their ability to implement and sustain the program and its effectiveness known for these particular health problems. The program includes a focus on the Mediterranean diet approach with regularly spaced meals during the day, a reduction in processed foods and simple carbohydrates, improving hydration and replenishment of micronutrients necessary vitamins, fatty acids essential, plant sterols and herbal support blood pressure. We also increased the exercise of Stephanie as she was able to tolerate and gave him access to our support via email whenever I had questions. When Stephanie tracking mark 1 month when he noticed his emotional improvement Ignacia, it was also found that she had experienced several other benefits from a physical point of view. the dream of Stephanie was better, inflammation in the joints and muscles had improved, his energy had increased tremendously, fatigue and was not a problem and had lost eight pounds without following a restrictive but rather caloric diet by applying an approach healthy eating for life!

In the coming months we have continued to focus on optimizing health and wellness through lifestyle changes and education support. Stephanie has continued to improve in general the loss of a total of eighteen pounds in five months, dropping blood pressure of 130/80 range 140/100 range. Interestingly, despite their cholesterol levels have decreased dramatically in his latest blood work, your hemoglobin A1C, a measure of control of blood sugar over an extended period of time, it had increased from 5.9% to 6 ,1%! He was shocked to see these other improvements while noting an apparently paradoxical effect of blood sugar. I spoke to Stephanie about this who said his primary care physician had recently placed him in simvastatin. This was key because recent studies have indicated that statins can increase blood glucose levels and hemoglobin A1C. 1

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Stephanie and I talked about this and she will work closely with myself and your primary care doctor to wean statins while continuing to focus on optimizing its amendments lifestyle. We will continue to keep a close eye on your metabolic image syndrome, especially cholesterol levels, along with subparticle tests to understand what is the best combination for your health is a naturopathic, homeopathic, lifestyle and view of conventional medicine.

I am often surprised to changes that may occur through simple interventions aimed at the root of the problem. Stephanie’s case was a complete example of what can happen when you recommend and implement the right tools at the right time. The opportunity to use and knowledge about the use of a wide variety of tools toolbox of naturopathic medicine offers the best option for creating a customized program for those looking to prosper today and in the future.

biancagarilli 2014 copy Dr. Garilli is a former Marine turned US naturopathic doctor. She runs a private clinic in Folsom, California, where he specializes in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases through a lifestyle approach that includes personalized nutrition, exercise, botanical medicine and homeopathy.

In addition to private practice, she consults with companies of nutritional supplements and medical clinics are members in case studies, professional consultations and development of the educational program. Dr. Garilli is a faculty member at the University of hawthorn and founding member of the CA Chapter Cardio Infantil Foundation. Dr. Garilli lives in northern California with her husband and four children backyard chickens.


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