No need to fast before a cholesterol test

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No need to fast before a cholesterol test ;

New research from Denmark, Canada and the US involving more than 300,000 people suggests that patients need not check their fasting cholesterol levels. So fast has now required before measurement of cholesterol and triglycerides in all countries except Denmark, where blood sampling is not fasting has been used since 2009.

Fasting is a problem for many patients, and the most recent research shows that cholesterol and triglyceride levels are similar whether you fast or not. Therefore, it is now recommended that patients no longer have to fast. “This will improve treatment compliance the preventive patients aimed at reducing the number of heart attacks and stroke, the leading causes of death worldwide,” says Clinical Professor Borge Nordestgaard, Department of Clinical Medicine, Hospital Herlev, Copenhagen University .

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In Denmark, the use of cholesterol testing random, not fasting at any time of day, regardless of food intake has been used successfully since 2009. Patients, doctors and laboratories have benefited from this simplified procedure. For people at work, children, patients with diabetes and the elderly is particularly beneficial to not have to fast before taking blood samples for cholesterol and triglycerides test.

The research has just been published in European Heart Journal .


This is the first international recommendation that fasting is no longer needed before testing cholesterol and triglycerides. For cholesterol tests after fasting, patients are often inconvenienced by having to go on a visit separately and can omit the essential test. In addition, due to fasting cholesterol tests doctors are burdened by having to review the findings of cholesterol at a later date, additional calls telephone, e-mails, or even follow up visits to the clinic, placement of additional workloads in the busy clinical staff. These problems disappear by using nonfasting cholesterol and triglyceride test.

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“that more patients will have their cholesterol measured and triglycerides provide advice from their doctors about the best way to prevent heart attacks and strokes in the future. We hope that nonfasting cholesterol test makes more patients together with their physicians implement lifestyle changes and whether statin therapy to reduce the global burden of cardiovascular disease and premature death is necessary, “adds Nordestgaard.

These recommendations represent a joint consensus of the European Atherosclerosis Society Medicine and the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory involving 21 medical experts world from Europe, Australia and the US ..

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