Q & A with Julia Shewchuk Serenity Acres Farm + Draw

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Q & A with Julia Shewchuk Serenity Acres Farm + Draw ;

Julia Shewchuk - Julia and RaisinSerenity Acres Farm located in Madison County, Florida lives by the motto, “happy happy soaps goats.” Serenity Acres Farm is dedicated to maintaining an environment that ensures their goats happy and excited to be milked every day.

In this Q & A with the founder of Serenity Acres Farm Julia Shewchuk, talking about his life as a farmer, his foray into soaps HandCrafting, and the importance of maintaining an approved farm Animal Welfare.

How and when you get into the farm life and what led him to decide to start making soaps?

We had horses and chickens for a long time, but not really embrace the life of the farm until 2007 when we moved to our current farm in northern Florida to escape urban life, traffic and crime. We also wanted to be more self-sufficient and grow our own vegetables and dairy products away from food and processed foods full of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. We started with a small garden, two horses, chickens, three dogs and three cats. Then we decided to buy a pair of goats, so I could produce our own dairy products. We underestimated the amount of milk even two dairy goats in milk can produce and had to find ways to use milk. One was to produce goat milk soaps. Make soap turned out to be great fun that combines a lot of creativity and science Julia Shewchuk - SerenityNEW-133 , and it was really just one more step in the direction of having healthy products healthy. One Christmas participated in a local Christmas fair and sold $ 750 worth of soap in a weekend. That was the beginning of our business relationship with goats.

seems that his goats have much personality! Can you tell a little about them?

Goats are like little children, very intelligent, curious about the world around them, like to have fun, and often get into mischief. Each goat has its own personality, which comes at a very young age. Some are very cuddly and wants to be loaded all the time, even grown a total of 200 pounds; some are like clowns, befriend the chickens and then jokingly pulling out a tail feather; and others are divas, which will let you know if something does not go your way. Goats are very social animals who form strong bonds with their peers and humans, full of emotions, expressions and love. There is no way anyone can be sad around a goat, especially children goat, and we are taking advantage of that fact by forming some of our goats being therapy goats will conduct a visit nursing homes and schools.

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His farm is approved Animal Welfare. How important it was to get the certification?

Julia Shewchuk - _DSC4963 For us, it was very important to get that certification to recognize and certify that we are an independent family farm that adheres to the highest welfare and environment beyond organic, with all our animals. Animal Welfare Approved is certification and food label really only based pasture whose standards ensure responsible agricultural practices and natural healthy living conditions for animals. This demonstrates that we strive to reduce our footprint of a helmet on Mother Earth.

What is most surprising about working with goats?

The most surprising thing about working with goats is how they recognize and return to his love, which are highly selective, and how passionate they have become of them. We think they are magical!

What are the differences between the goat and cow’s milk?

milk of approximately five to ten goats is taken to match the production of a cow. The flavor Julia Shewchuk - _DSC5734 goat milk is actually a little sweeter than cow’s milk. However, goat milk produced in series sold in most stores may have a taste “goaty” because of the different methods of processing, packaging and pasteurization. Goats also make the carotene in your diet for vitamin A more efficiently than cows make, produce whiter than milk, cream and butter. The amount of cream goat milk is not negligible; However, the fat globules in goat milk are much smaller than those of cow’s milk as a result the remaining cream suspended along milk instead of rising to the top, therefore is formed Natural homogenised, which also makes the milk easier to digest for many people. Goat milk contains less lactose (milk sugar) than cow’s milk, which makes it easier on the stomach, simply because we need less of a particular type of enzyme to break down lactose. It is also less allergenic due to the protein content. One of the most common allergies in children under 3 years of age in the United States is a dairy-allergy and has much to do with a particular protein in milk called casein alpha-S1. Levels of alpha s1 casein are about 89% less than goat’s milk. -., Which is one of the main reasons why people with dairy sensitivities can get away with drinking goat milk as an alternative

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What goes into the process of making soap ?

Julia Shewchuk - soap stack 1 A lot of science, a lot of patience and time. First goats have to be milked, then soaps must be meticulously combining all the ingredients in exact amounts and the exact amounts, and after molding and cut the soap, giving time to heal in a beautiful soap bar after 6 to 8 weeks.

What other ingredients besides milk into your soaps?

The only other ingredients you find in our soap goat’s milk than milk fresh goat are base oils: Grade A Olive oil, organic sustainable palm oil, coconut; and perfume oils that are either essential oils or fragrance oils free of parabens and phthalates free. Simple, transparent and honest.

What makes soap Serenity Acres’ unique?

Our soaps are unique because we use fresh goat milk from our own goats, do not use milk powder. Also only we use human grade ingredients to ensure the highest quality and consistent. For example, many soaps contain olive pomace oil, which is much cheaper than pure olive oil as it is extracted from wells with hexane a cancer-causing petrochemical byproduct. Also control the entire process on the farm: we own goats, milk goats, Julia Shewchuk - Lavender soap picture make soap, soap package and send the soap. Our lifestyle and our packaging reflect the philosophy that we need to reduce our footprint on the earth hull. Our packaging is made from recycled materials, use soy ink and tail. By buying our soap, you buy the farm, their goats, their stories, and philosophy. The soaps are not only good for you, but they are good for the planet.

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What are some of the favorites that you do?

My favorites change with the season. My go for spring and summer is our Pest-Off! Soap formulated with essential oils repel insects and use ourselves as well as a dog shampoo bar; our shaving soap is always in the shower with almond flour oats and Mother Earth.

Julia Shewchuk - SerenityNEW-133 What are some things you have learned about the life of this whole process?

Humility. Goats have a way to show that when you think you know everything, you need to think again. Patience. If haste is given agricultural life, mistakes that come back to haunt you commit. Hard work. I have learned that when you are passionate about something, you can move mountains to make it come to life and be successful, but not easy, the hours are long and the work is full of dirt. My mother told me 45 years ago after coming home with a new knee injury, which was well marry a millionaire or a farmer. She was almost right. I became a farmer. I chose the dirty life.


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