Who are raised by same-sex parents have “no negative impact” on children

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A new study revealed that children raised by same-sex parents are experiencing “no difference” in a range of social and behavioral outcomes compared with children of heterosexual parents or individual. Read: Children of same-sex parents “ better than their heterosexual counterparts “As same-sex marriage has been debated in courts throughout the country has been the […more]

Air pollution and 4 Other things that threaten mental health of children

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When we think of air pollution and health problems that can trigger many of us we think of coughing, wheezing and other breathing difficulties. While these are certainly very real and dangerous effects, air pollution can be with us, and our children, hurting in more ways than we can have imagined. Along with the potentially […more]

Parents: Want a Child Friendly, socially adjusted? Nutrition First put

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Parents: We all know that making sure our children get good nutrition and the possible sets up for a healthy life. After all, eating habits that tend to establish in childhood a basis for the way we eat most likely than adults. Needless to say, healthier, better, the earlier better. However, besides the obvious focus […more]

Should all women have children?

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I was eight years old when I decided I did not want children. I was in the pool, watching the kids run around, and I knew then that I wanted to be an artist or a writer and do something good for the world. Since then, I’ve faced all kinds of pressure to have children, […more]

How Focusing on your own habits improve your child’s options

Jun 9, 2016 | | Say something

Contributor: Sara Lappe, MD, MS, FAAP Anyone who has flown in a plane has heard the safety instructions to put on your own oxygen mask before helping another passenger. Why is it so necessary? Because parents should be able in order to help your child. If parents are deprived of oxygen, they will suffer before […more]

parenting tip: This is how to raise a child successful and confident

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parenting tip: This is how to raise a child successful and confident ; Are you one of the students who pressurizes by his parents and goes to become the jack of all trades, but master of none . Psychologists suggest that to achieve success and have confidence is subjective to the natural abilities of a […more]

7 essential oils for anxiety

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7 essential oils for anxiety ; Essential oils for anxiety and other ailments have been used by many cultures dating from 4500 BC and 2697 BC in Egypt in China. Indian Ayurveda has been around for over 3,000 years and Vedic literature lists more than 700 ingredients for use in healing, including cinnamon, ginger, myrrh […more]

Keep healthy choices to distract the children first junk food

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Do you want your children to eat more food healthy and less fast food? Researchers have recommended placing healthy food to make it more visible, attractive and convenient for your child can eat and stay healthy. Here’s how to make your child eat healthy without complaint . strongly preferred food such as fries in fast […more]

essential oil remedies for children

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essential oil remedies for children ; This article was originally published on thenatpath, Read the original article here