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micro-blogging website Twitter can be an effective tool to communicate with the public about cancer clinical trials and raise awareness and recruitment of patients, researchers report. Mina S Sedrak the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and co-authors conducted a pilot study and analyzed the content of 1,516 tweets. The tweets were a total of 15,346 tweets containing only ‘ lung cancer ‘ more than a little over two weeks in January 2015. About 83 percent of the tweets in the sample (1,260 1,516) contained lung-specific content and most of the tweets related to lung cancer focused on prevention and support or were written by individuals, according to the results cancer. This is everything you need to know about the latest advances in cancer treatment .

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About 17.5 percent of the tweets in the sample (221 of 1,260) were related to clinical trials while only tweet linked to a website for recruiting patients, the authors report. “Social media can become a very useful tool for clinical researchers, but can also pose some challenges with respect to both non-coercive content and ensuring privacy, both of which the IRB [institutional review boards] should carefully consider , ‘the authors said in an article that appeared in the journal JAMA Oncology . “further efforts are needed to explore whether Twitter can emerge as a viable means for promoting accumulation of clinical trials,” they added. Here are seven stages of yoga for a healthy life with cancer

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