Antidepressants and menopause – View of a medical

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Pursuant are being taken more and more women off HRT and being offered in its place antidepressants. Dr. Bond discusses why this is not a good idea.

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Why is it that so many women are prescribed antidepressants to treat menopausal problems?

agree that it is not uncommon for women to feel depressed at the time of menopause, but this is usually due to an imbalance of female sex hormones are not the chemical balance of the brain that causes the type of depression is usually treated with antidepressant medications and for that reason they do not work. The only effect that often have is to make women feel even more depressed.

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often been given traditional HRT and this may have made the worst feeling of depression that is why the doctor antidepressants prices. The reason why traditional HRT often makes depressed women is due to the situation that produces estrogen dominance.
traditional HRT containing estrogen and progestogen chemistry. Excess estrogen can cause a woman to feel depressed and what can progestogen hormone chemistry so it is not surprising that traditional HRT can have this depressive effect.

What is really needed is the effect of natural progesterone balance. Progesterone is normally done by our ovaries and it is our natural feel good hormone. Taking progesterone usually alleviate depression that some women experience when menopause.

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Why is this not recognize anymore?


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