Is it really depression?

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Is it really depression? ;


Depression … which is a condition experienced by many in the accelerated world and often isolated today. For those seeking natural treatment options vary widely. Examples may include the change in diet, balancing blood sugar, exercise, more sleep, light therapy, 5-HTP, St. John’s wort, fish oil, SAMe, DHEA. .. the list goes on and on. But before jumping to use any of these, a question that must be asked however often overlooked is, ‘Is this really depression?’

If a person has a family and friends of love, a good job, a nutrient-dense diet, and cares about her body, although regular exercise and getting enough sleep and yet still feel depressed, this situation necessitates the diagnosis of depression and therefore a biological intervention to improve your mood.

Unhappiness environmental

However, if a person is unhappy because they do not like their work, they are unhappy with your spouse, do not feel a sense of purpose in life, not they are able to identify what they like and appreciate about themselves, and / or do not have a supportive community, these conditions are not proper depression. These situations are not compatible with a feel good for anyone and should not be labeled “depression.”

In the latter cases, the best treatment method is the creation of an action plan to change the unhappy situation. Of course, it would take less time to simply take St. John’s wort, for example, but that clearly was not going to treat the root cause of the problem and eventually would be revealed dissatisfaction itself otherwise.

This does not mean that any of the typical herbs or vitamins prescribed for depression not at least play a role in helping improve mood. But the main point is that we really have to ask yourself, ‘Am I really depressed or just unhappy with my life?’

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The discovery of the answer may sound like a potentially more onerous task, it requires a long time but need not be. I have a simple solution that I give my patients that will help you discover some clarity …

Imagine a circle cut like a pie with eight slices. The eight areas are labeled: health, friends and family, career, family / romance, money, personal growth, fun and recreation, and physical environment. Start at the center of the circumference of each slice and shade in the area in relation to the amount of satisfaction you have in that area of ​​your life. Any area of ​​less than half full are the areas that need attention and action plan for change.

also often they give patients a ten-step process that helps you move from that feeling of being trapped in an unhappy situation, action in creating a happier life. Spending time to answer these questions is a powerful exercise to help see what needs to change in your life to improve your mood.

The ten questions are as follows:

  1. What intention for your life? (For example: joy, service, family …)
  2. Do you live in integrity? (To live out of integrity does not match with happiness.)
  3. Why do you want to fulfill in your life?
  4. to feel satisfied with your life, what things do you feel you must do before you die?
  5. What does your voice say doubt about obstacles to creating change, and are truly realistic? (The instinctive answer is usually “yes” so you have to dig deep here.)
  6. Do you think you can make the change? (If the answer is “no”, change likely will not happen.)
  7. Can we see the growth obtained failure? (Being able to see this is key because otherwise, when it is the first hurdle, it is easy to take it as “proof” should be abandoned.)
  8. Write a list of all the action steps that can be imagine that bring more joy in your life. (Be creative here, reach beyond doubt the voice and tap fun of what might appear.)
  9. Who can be supported in making change? Who can help?
  10. How can you support yourself to remain committed to their plan of action to create positive change in your life, even when you feel like it’s too hard and want to quit?
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Do this exercise in itself is great. However, having someone to support you in this process will give substantially better results.

Working with me is a wonderful experience, life changing, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of lasting, positive change in your life … and therefore true health and welfare of its core .

Case Study

Case in point: My patient Pam is a mother of 40-year-old two young children. She came to me feeling depressed about not having a life outside of being a mom (who is not depression as a diagnosis), stressed and tired, and wanting to lose 40 pounds.

After working with me every week on the phone for a few weeks, she was not only evident in what changes I wanted to do in life, but also discovered a clear action plan how to make a positive change in your life. Towards the end of our time together, not only he had to create a business plan inspired to start his own bakery without gluten, but had also spent exercising rarely not feel good if she even missed a day. Moreover, had been eliminated sugar from your diet, it became an avid lover of vegetables and as a result, lost 20 pounds.

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So next time you feel ‘depressed’, I encourage you to fill the balance wheel, and then answer ten questions. He is given himself the gift of really treat the cause of his ill-being, as well as search for clarity of what to do to enjoy more joy and happiness.

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Dr. Jody Stanislaw is a graduate of Bastyr University in 2007. She works entirely through the phone with patients across the country.

Being a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 7, which specializes in diabetes care and is an expert in helping patients achieve optimal glucose control. She also works with the general population, advise patients on naturopathic treatment of the most common ailments of today approach.

is present in all appointments His focus on the mind / body. In his very popular intensive program, patients receive weekly calls with her for a period of three months, which allows them to make dramatic changes in their health and general welfare. This structure allows different levels of the needs of the patient to be treated … physical, emotional, nutritional, and more … leaving them happier and healthier than ever. Sign up for a free introductory telephone consultation with Dr. Stanislaw here: www.consultwithdrjody.com

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