Revealed – weight loss can reduce depression in women

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Revealed – weight loss can reduce depression in women ;

Weight loss
A new study has revealed that programs weight control also help in reducing depression among black women. Dori Steinberg, lead author, said that interventions that focus on maintaining your weight, may have wider effects, and that they were able to reduce depression among a population that was severely socioeconomically disadvantaged and had access limited to treatment of depression, the result of which was comparable to what is seen with traditional approaches, such as counseling or drug treatment. (Read why depression is a serious illness that needs treatment.)

The study by researchers at Duke University also revealed that black women with depression, compared with their white counterparts, they are less likely to receive treatment for it (39.7 percent vs. 54 percent) and among those seeking treatment, blacks are less likely than whites to receive appropriate attention to clinical practice guidelines. According to the study, depression is three times more common for people with incomes below the federal poverty level.

The study also showed that obesity is also more severe among black women, compared to other racial / ethnic groups, which could lead to a higher prevalence of diseases obesity-related chronic such as diabetes and heart disease and black women find it harder to lose weight. Steinberg said that these higher occurrences may also have an impact on psychosocial outcomes such as depression, and therefore interventions that focus on weight control behavior may present a useful for treating obesity and depression opportunity. This study is published in American Journal of Public Health .

How to lose weight?

Losing weight is a constant concern for several people, but the way is a bigger problem. With everyone from her mother to her participation in cleaning tips, you can be a daunting task to filter what is really right for you. In this article, we share some tips that can help effectively lose a few kilos.

work out regularly

There is no turning back! Want to lose weight, you need to get moving. No they accumulated in the kilos in one day so will require regular effort from the edge of losing their fat. The type of training method to collect to fulfill this task depends on you. It may be the traditional way to join a gym where you do a combination of cardiovascular and weight training can be something comprehensive as yoga or another, new methods, such as Zumba, kickboxing, etc. You can also opt by the slow and steady – walking, running, and more. But whatever you choose, make sure you do it regularly in order to see good results.

Control your diet

Ask any nutritionist or fitness professional and they will tell you how important it is control what you eat if you want effective weight loss. In fact, diet plays a role of 70% in determining how much we lose! It is therefore essential that give it the importance it deserves. One hour of training does not entitle you to eat a chocolate brownie or cheesy pasta. Having a low calorie version of what you like and avoid junk food.

Tips to overcome depression

Rachel Hercman Listed below are some tips that can help people suffering from depression overcome or lessen its effects.

Social support: Having close friends and family can provide love and support for someone who is struggling with depression. For some, going to support groups, either in person or online, you can have a tremendous effect on the sense of support and empathy of the person from others who really understand them. The surroundings are important and being surrounded by positive energy sources can make a difference. Some people with depression find that helping others makes their symptoms of depression feel better and improve the way they feel about themselves.

Physical health: Get enough rest, eat nutritious food, exercise, and take time to relax everyone can be useful. The mind and body are all part of the same entity, and all areas of operation are connecting. Some people with depression find it helpful to meditate, do yoga, mindfulness practice and spend time doing concentrated breathing, while positive thoughts about themselves.

triggers addressing: Find out what triggers trigger depression or worsen depression is important and can take time to find out. But once it is clear, avoiding triggers and learn to deal with them can be a cornerstone factors. Some triggers of life can not be avoided, as life is full of stress and unpredictability. But not see the reality and develop a toolbox can make a person more able to cope with life’s challenges, both large and small.

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