5 Ways to regain control of their hormonal health

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hormonal changes in women’s health throughout his life from puberty to menopause post. We can not control how our body changes in these various stages, but we can take some simple steps to retain maximum hormonal lifelong health.


“As a species, we are on a fast track to extinction,” says Ori Hofmekler, author of the anti-estrogenic diet. “In recent decades, men have lost 50% of their sperm count and within a single generation, the sperm count of the average man and testosterone have been reduced by 20%. Women are not better. Amazing figures show that most women today are suffering from female disorders and three out of ten women between the ages of 35 and 60 will develop breast cancer. “

Dr. David Jockers explains why we have these terrible health statistics and how you can regain control of their hormonal health.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on diet and weight loss. The US health budget is at its highest point. Technology and advancement of modern medicine has never been greater. However, people are getting fatter and sicker than ever with rising rates of diabetes, obesity, cancer and infertility, men, women and children.

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“If the human species were an animal, zoologists we become a kind becoming to be extinct,” says Hofmekler. As a health professional, the author of this article countless men and women who come daily with all kinds of problems is hormone based. Something is very wrong with our current level of hormonal health. So what it is to blame?

Over-reliance based on highly processed products loaded and appears to be the main culprit chemical goods. Xenoestrogens are made artificially compounds produced by industry. These chemically differ from archiestrogens (naturally occurring) produced by living organisms.

xenoestrogens mimic the effects of certain estrogen and interact with cellular receptor sites. This process contributes to an excess of estrogen and blocks the effects of estrogen true. To make matters worse, these endocrine disruptors are housed in the fat cells which are resistant to decomposition. Many of these chemicals act in a synergistic effect when combined with other endocrine disruptors. This synergistic process exponentially improves its effects on the body causing big problems at the cellular level.

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The most common sources of xenoestrogens are:

a. Bred for sale-products of animal origin
second. Plastics and canned products (many have plastic coating)
do. Personal Care Products (makeup, lotions, and perfumes)
re. Oral contraceptives
me. pharmaceutical drugs
F. food additives and preservatives
gram. Styrofoam products
husband. Laundry and dishwashing detergents
me. household cleaners and air fresheners
j. Pesticides and herbicides

5 Ways to take control of their hormonal health

1 – Minimize the use of endocrine disruptors as much as possible. Lower all oral contraceptives and prescription medications based hormones such as hormone replacement therapy. You should consult your doctor about this and weaning stages may be necessary.

2 – stabilize blood sugar. causes unstable blood sugar improves fat storage, decreased cellular detoxification and hormone signaling. Healing diet is essential for fast effective sttabilization blood sugar.

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3 – a quarterly cleansing detoxification. Start by cleaning the liver and gallbladder so they can effectively carry excess estrogen out of the system. Improve your metabolism of estrogen with key nutrients and herbs. Finally, support for the pituitary gland, with adequate rest, movement and nutritional components.

4 – maximize your nervous system. Make sure the brain-body path is clear and free from interference. This maximizes internal repair mechanisms. With a healthy nervous system, glands and tissues are capable of self-detoxify and eliminate toxic chemicals. Position of the head forward and the loss of the natural curve in the neck dramatically affect this process of self-detoxification.

5 – Burst-train for incredible fitness. The high-intensity exercise detoxification pathways (sweating) opens, improves cell oxygenation, stabilizes blood sugar, hormones and promotes reparative among other things. It also allows the body to burn fat more effectively and to metabolize excess estrogen molecules.

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