He lost weight dramatically to eat this food, check their results after that!

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He lost weight dramatically to eat this food, check their results after that! ;

She Lost Weight Dramatically Eating This Food, Check Her Results After That!

have heard about dates? We bet you haven’t! Dates are a fruit that is very beneficial to our health. If you start eating three dates a day, you will notice many benefits. The dates are of copper, potassium, fiber, manganese, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Here are some of its benefits:

dates of health digestive

this fruit is a great way to improve digestive health. Topics such as SCI and constipation are easily manageable by eating dates. Fiber containing can be of great help to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Even recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

data as analgesics

, mg and their anti-inflammatory properties dates make a great choice to relieve the pain and swelling. Magnesium reduces arterial inflammation and reduces the risk of heart disease in the process, studies have shown. You can also treat Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis and more.

the dates for the mothers of nursing

dates have been traditionally used by the Muslim pregnant to facilitate childbirth. The story goes that when she was giving birth the Virgin Mary, he heard a voice telling him, “shake the trunk of the Palm toward you: fresh and ripe dates upon you will fall.” Eat, drink and then and be comforted. (Quran 19:25-26). Oxytocin helps the uterus contract and tonify reproductive organs after the birth. Oxytocin stimulates the let down reflex for breastfeeding mothers and alleviate depression during lactation.

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are a salve demulcent (link to definition of demulcent) that peaceful babies, can relieve pain during teething, and reduces the heart rate. This is why dates are also used to break the fast during Ramadan in Morocco. Sucrose (sugar) of the dates is responsible for its gentle analgesic effect. Dates of pure milk are a restorative male reproductive tonic.

a muscle tonic

dates are a tonic for muscles and the heart. Electrolyte balance is essential for smooth muscle function. Muscle contractions or spasms are often a sign of electrolyte imbalance. Since dates are high in dietary potassium, they are useful to return to electrolyte balance and support good muscle function. The Pitta pacifying effect on the liver helps maintain good vision and prevent night blindness and is believed to counteract the effects of alcohol intoxication. Dates are high in tannins and it is useful to tone the digestive tract after the diarrhea. A paste date and honey has been a traditional treatment of diarrhoea and dysentery.

must take care of Vata people suffering from dryness, however. Potassium rich foods tend to be diuretic in nature. Dried fruit in general can worsen dehydration through the absorption of liquids in the stomach. Vata people who tend toward dryness should take water between bites and chew all the date of reconstitution in the mouth instead of the stomach.

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the dates for hypertension and stroke

the magnesium on the dates also help to reduce high blood pressure. This fruit can easily replace all drugs of blood pressure in the United States. Its potassium content helps the heart work much better and thus reduce blood pressure.

studies have if dates had any impact on the risk of stroke. Seven studies have shown that magnesium reduces the risk of stroke by 10% for each 100 mg. dose of magnesium daily. This research was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and demonstrate that dates are very effective in reducing risk of stroke.

that they improve brain function

studies on the links between dates contained and brain health have shown that sufficient vitamin B6 (dates have in abundance) makes your brain work better. This means that the dates may get more and you will be able to access information faster and better. Dates to keep the mind healthy and strong.

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weight loss traps

sugars date contain carbohydrates more complex than other fruits. These complex carbohydrates are heavier digest and because more slowly released his energy in your body, reduce the appetite more than simple sugars. For this reason dates have been used to treat obesity; satisfy a sweet craving and to avoid bring heavier foods, more fat as gelato. Too many dates, however, can make your stomach feels heavy and slow digestion. Since dates are high in sugar, they are contraindicated for diabetics.

while incorporating more fruits in your diet to slim down, it is important to be aware of the quantities. It is possible that eating too much fruit actually may interfere with their efforts of weight loss, according to Dr. Melina Jampolis, a medical specialist in nutrition for CNN.com. She suggests limiting fruit to three servings a day. Dealing with quantities is the key for dried fruit such as dates, with sizes smaller portion and higher levels of energy density. The service should be limited to one cup, and a portion of dry dates should be quarter of a Cup.


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