Problems with fat in certain parts of the body: what are the causes and how to get rid of them?

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Problems with fat in certain parts of the body: what are the causes and how to get rid of them? ;


more people have problems with fat in your abdomen than those who have problems with half fat. It may be the result of diet inappropriate, stress, hormonal imbalances and toxins. These are places where the fat is accumulated.

to remove fat from areas problems of the body first must find the reason that deposition.

fat in the stomach

when the stomach is problematic area?

  • If you see thick or swollen.
  • if, after big weight loss did not diminish his stomach.
  • if in any case of obesity, is observed only in the abdomen.

stress and imbalance of intestinal bacteria are the main causes for the formation of fat in the stomach.

If you want to get rid of excess weight, especially of stomach fat that should not have to exercise much. It is sufficient if starts with a healthy and balanced life exercises such as yoga, Pilates, or simply going for a walk. If you want to get it you have to avoid white bread, sweets, pasta, citrus fruits and alcohol.

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must consume proteins such as: fish, vegetables, chicken, and other vegetables that are rich in fiber such as beet, olives and potatoes. This food will slow down the absorption of sugar through the intestines.


If your calves are the same width as your stockings has difficulty in finding boots appropriate and often suffer from insomnia and strong leg, sometimes the legs are too heavy for you then your area problem are calves. Swelling and weight of leaves arise primarily as a result of insufficient rest of legs, wake up in the middle of the night and the insufficient amount of sleep.

in order to achieve a deep sleep and enough sleep quality, three hours before going to bed to avoid any form of carbohydrates and sugars. Caffeine from tea and coffee can cause water retention in calves and can also disrupt sleep. Drinking large amounts of fluids before bedtime also is not a good idea. Lack of vitamin B in your meals can cause accumulation of water in the calves so try to eat more fish, meat, nuts, yogurt and eggs.

fat in the back

grease in the rear is more common in women. This type of fat shows that her body slowly digested carbohydrates.

reducing the consumption of carbohydrates. If you eat carbohydrates, they must not be refined and their diet should be based on vegetables.

fat in your hands

hands are problematic area if the deposition of fat in the arms and churning of the grease for a small shake of the hand. The cause of this problem is the accumulation of toxins inside your body.

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If you want to get rid of the fat from the hands, then the perfect solution for you is the Bikram yoga. Practicing this will accelerate the process of sweating and you eliminate toxins.

swollen face

If you have round face, Chin and the first signs of obesity appear on its face, the main culprit for him is the retention of water for which the excessive consumption of alcohol is responsible for. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and dehydration associated with alcohol causes retention of water in the area around the face.

reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages and make soft circular movements in the face to stimulate the circulation area. From massage to the ears and nose.

mean large

if have small waist and large socks, you probably also always buy clothes smaller size for size upper and larger for the lower part of the body and then you have the classic body pear-shaped. For this type of form is mostly genetic responsible and the advantage of this is that people with this type of construction of the body are less likely to develop heart disease.

avoiding soy products is the only thing that can reduce the proportion of fat in this part of the body and also you do many exercises.


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