Thighs, stomach or buttocks? 5 laws for weight loss for each part of the body!

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Thighs, stomach or buttocks? 5 laws for weight loss for each part of the body! ;


a times you may ask yourself what is the main reason why adipose tissue above all together only in certain parts of your body? A response of this, many scientist have stated that the distribution of fat is in a very close relationship with certain habits and when you find out why above all gain weight in the stomach or thighs obviously decide to start with a regimen of proper nutrition. Despite a diet, any type of exercises are welcome when it comes in handy to lose weight.

here are the 5 most important areas of your body and how to treat them.

  1. the upper part of his body
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due to malnutrition and lack of exercises your body is winning mostly fat in the stomach, shoulders, chest, back and arms. But if you want to achieve something better then you need to change your daily routine. Nutrition food include 500-1000 less daily calories and exercise 5 times a day for 30 to 60 minutes. The best option for you is to move or walk fast because in this way the time will pass faster.

  1. the stomach of your navel area and the lumbar part of the back

If you gain weight especially in the stomach area, could be a sign of a stress hormone called cortisol over work. Make eating as healthy as possible, eat many fibres, vitamins and minerals, through the combination of exercises that also include techniques for easy tolerance of stress, such as yoga and pilates.

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if the stomach is constantly swollen (without the presence of adipose tissue in the back) can be consequence of difficulties with breathing or excessive consumption of alcohol. Reduce alcohol intake or visit a doctor if you have problems breathing.

  1. the area of the stomach from the chest up to all new

is a sign that you are not physically active and does not eat very well for example skip your meals and supercharging. Try to eat five meals, moderate daily. Eat smaller portions and healthy little caloric foods as much as possible. In addition, be more active physically, walking, swimming and practicing some exercises for the back and stomach.

  1. the area of your stomach, thighs, and buttocks
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is not physically active if you notice that they are gaining weight very easily. To avoid that you should focus on endurance type exercise for the lower part of the body. You can search on the internet for various exercises that will help you get rid of the fat in which parts.

  1. the area of your stomach, buttocks and legs all

many people face problems in legs calves and ankles, especially women after pregnancy. The Council for this problem are the same as in number of 4 for example the area of your stomach, thighs and buttocks.

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