2 essentials for healthy weight loss

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who have tried everything to lose weight, but without success? Then it may be weight loss of resistance is slowing, so see if these tips can make a difference.


avocado and coconut

weight is characterized by the inability to maintain a healthy weight despite exercise and diet. This is due to hormones and inflammation. Weight gain and abdominal fat in particular is a classic sign of insulin resistance and chronic inflammation.

Some people try to follow the standard advice of the low calorie diet and plenty of exercise, but struggling to maintain their weight loss. This is a classic sign of resistance to weight loss. Chronic inflammation is the culprit and should be addressed or the individual will not only remain overweight, but despite all the construction of the disease in your body.

thousands As a doctor I have helped people lose tens of thousands of pounds over the past 7 years. I have worked with many people who had “tried everything” without success. I have found several important factors that need to be addressed or loss of effective and sustainable weight will not be achieved.

2 essentials for healthy weight loss

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Many people will follow low-calorie plans that are full of processed foods and see some positive results weight loss. Unfortunately, because they are consuming foods of little real nutritional value, they are not really improving your health.

need a diet plan and lifestyle that takes into account what our ancestors would do on a regular basis. This means we need to focus on real food, movement patterns of real life, good sleep and a natural lifestyle. Here are the steps and strategies to do to lose weight in a healthy way!

1 rid of inflammatory foods:

The modern American diet is filled with grains and sugars. Breakfast cereals, sandwich for lunch and pasta or potatoes for dinner. These grains are highly inflammatory and insulin peaks and cause cell membrane damage. This leads to poor hormone signaling and weight gain in many individuals.

Close grains and healthy fats, antioxidants and trace minerals for de-inflame and improve mechanisms for fat burning. Use the Moto: Eat fat to burn fat

Expert Analysis: A dense, high-fat / low-carb nutritional diet is very potent anti-inflammatory tool. Loads good fats like coconut, olive oil, butter / ghee grass-fed, avocados, nuts / seeds, cocoa, fish caught in the wild, eggs pasture-raised and grass-fed meats.

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vital tips: drink a protein shake for breakfast with frozen fruit, coconut milk and coconut oil and healthy protein powder. Eat a salad with avocado or nut / seed fruits for lunch and have cooked steamed vegetables with butter grazing or olive oil, herbs and freshly squeezed lemon, along with beef grass-fed bison, lamb, chicken pasture-raised or wild salmon dinner.

2 hard Tren and leisure Good

fitness high intensity is extremely critical to boost human growth hormone and testosterone (7, 8, 9). short period of time, high-intensity exercise incorporates full body movements such as squats, lunges, pushups, dips, push-ups, etc.

These exercises performed in sequence with very little rest between sets effectively exhaust the cardiovascular system as well as a challenge to all major muscle fibers. This ruins fat burning, anti-aging hormones for the next 36 hours.

Expert Analysis: Be sure to get enough rest. 7-8 hours sleep every night and try to get as much sleep before midnight as possible. The rest is extremely anti-inflammatory and regulates intestinal health and health hormone (10).

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Poor rest will create a physical strain on the body and cause more inflammation and poor healing (11). This will negatively affect weight loss and general health.

Vital Tips: An ideal training program would be challenging workouts every 24-48 hours. The more the individual becomes inflamed -. The less exercise they should do

Try high intensity 3-4, 15-minute workouts each week. Workouts should let hot, sweaty and breathless. Then rest and continue to move your body with low intensity movements such as walking for de-inflame the body and heal.


What is remarkable in menopause is to eat right and exercise are key elements in weight loss, but if your hormones are imbalanced, then it will be much harder to lose weight. The effect of estrogen dominance is deposited estrogen in fat cells so note weight gain in the stomach, abdomen and thighs. Help your hormone to be healthy will make a real difference to your weight loss program.

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