A healthy eating plan South India for Weight Watchers

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A healthy eating plan South India for Weight Watchers ; south-Indian-meal-

dishes from southern India are known for their use liberal spices and oil, which can sometimes be rich in calories.Though is a healthy food option, people who care about their weight need to keep a tab on your calorie intake. To help limit calories, here it is a meal plan sample southern India healthy for you.

Start your morning with a seasonal fruit and 10 pieces of almonds (soaked overnight). The fruit will increase immunity and start the day in a healthy way; almonds, on the other hand, are a rich source of antioxidants, protein and essential fats and helps in maintaining cholesterol levels. Here are 8 natural remedies to lower your cholesterol levels.

Calories Count:
1 fruit – 70
10 almonds – 78

then go to breakfast. You can opt for 1 Katori (cup) 2 teaspoons sambhar and chutney and dal with 2-3 idlis 1 1 Katori of upma or vegetable uttapam. It is rich in fiber and high protein breakfast helps in building immunity and muscle mass.

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Calories count for breakfast:
1 sambhar Katori – 121
2 teaspoons hot sauce – 25
02.03 idlis – 133
1 Katori upma – 247
uttapam 1 plant – 250

Have small, frequent meals are better than three. Thus, mid-morning, they have a glass of banana smoothie. It will provide your body with instant energy and overcome hunger and a healthy way. You can also eat bananas in the morning to keep hunger pangs at bay.

Calories count for mid-afternoon snack:
banana smoothie 1 glass – 220

For lunch, start with a plate of salad, as it is rich in vitamins and fiber. Do not add heavy dressings such as mayonnaise, etc to it. Keep raw or sprinkle a little olive oil or vinaigrette. Eat 2-3 chapattis or a cup of one and a half rice (both without butter) with a seasonal vegetable or dal, sambhar, rasam or egg curry. Finish with a glass of chhaas or Moru (whey) or curd Katori. Here are 3 Ways to make a healthy curd at home.

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Calories count for lunch:
1 bowl of salad – 20-30
02.03 capatis – 135
Rice 1.5 Katori – 260
1 Katori seasonal vegetables – 50-100
1 Katori dal / sambar / rasam / example of curry – 150-300
Curd – 90

At night, you can have a small snack of mixed chaat jets or an omelet. This will ensure that you do not reach out for packages cookies or chips. These are some of healthier options for evening snacks.

Calories count for evening snack:
Buds / omelette – 100

Keep light dinner, as it will be more easier for your body to digest. You can even avoid eating chapattis completely overnight and stick to only a plate of salad and a Katori dal, rasam and sambhar with a dry vegetable. You can try this methi leaves sambhar healthy recipe.

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Calories count for dinner:
1 bowl of salad – 20-30
1 Katori dal / sambar / rasam – 150-300
1 Katori seasonal vegetables – 50-100

you can take a glass of milk before bedtime, as it induces sleep, it is rich in calcium and protein and clears your intestines morning.

Calories Count:
1 glass of milk – 120

Apart from these foods, be sure to drink at least 6-7 glasses of water every day and perform physical activity such as walking, running, etc. for 30-45 minutes. This will ensure a healthy lifestyle.

meal plan sample provided by HealthifyMe first Indian tracker nutrition world.

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