fitness plan 30 days – Time to do high intensity workouts

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fitness plan 30 days – Time to do high intensity workouts ; fitness-fitness plan tips-day 30-exercise more-THS

Drumroll! It has already completed 30 days of fitness and do not even realize it? The first phase of the trip is the hardest and if you have won, the second phase will be simpler. Being motivated and push their limits from now on.

tomorrow After his glass of warm honey and lime water, snack on some nuts. Soak 5-6 almonds the night before and the morning is 2-3 with nuts. Nuts are very good heart health and soaked almonds boost memory capacity and improve concentration. Also, eat in the morning is a good way to include nuts in your daily diet. You may tend to forget to snack on them if you have a busy day.

Breakfast- Try some style breakfast for children today. aloo paranthas are not a good idea, but try these paranthas semolina for breakfast today. Add the grated vegetables like bottle gourd, carrot, cabbage and some toasted sesame seeds also improve its nutritional value. Have it with a plate of homemade curd.

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Lunch- Do you have to go eat with friends or colleagues today? Not just because you are on an exercise regimen skip. Joining the band, but make healthy choices and use your willpower to stay away from fried foods and heavy your friends are asking. You can order any of these items of high protein meal suggested by nutritionist Dr. Swati Dave.

Supper Since you have eaten for lunch today, not complicate dinner and light. A large bowl of cornmeal without any values ​​or cubes is a quick and easy option. Try this recipe for lemon coriander soup tonight, that packs a lot of flavor, nutrition and is very filling.

Snacks- There’s nothing like a spicy and salty snack overnight. You can chop parboiled potatoes and roasted today that it several health benefits . Cut into cubes and sprinkle some rock salt, chaat masala, cilantro and lime juice over it.

By now you must have learned to squeeze in time to exercise, no matter how busy your day is. morning exercise has its own benefits but if you can not make the time, it does at any time that is convenient for you.

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at home Try these 10 minute home exercise today. It is a high intensity workout and can be a bit tiring but remember, it is necessary to extend the limits of exercises now on.These provide agility and strengthen core muscles as well. They are an amazing way to burn calories in less time way.

In the gym- Try using the resistance band today to bring variation in your workout at the gym. You can try bicep curls, lumberjacks, shoulder presses and even bent over rows with the help of resistance bands. These are good for physiotherapy as well.

Yoga- The Uttanasana is an effective pose to reduce stress levels. It is an intense standing forward bend pose, where the back is stretched and bent so that his head is closer to the foot as possible. Bending position also helps relieve insomnia and thus helps to get a good night’s sleep.

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Before sleep- You also extended its limits and increasing the intensity and duration of training today. So it will be easier to fall asleep at the time of hitting the sack. But if it is still in an active state, burn some calories in the leaves. Fuming sex can burn as many calories as a moderate workout .

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Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan and consult your nutritionist before changing to it. If you are allergic to any food / ingredients mentioned, please do not eat it. Failure to follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition -. Hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc., or are pregnant

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