Inspired by the history of weight loss and Anant Ambani want to lose 100 kg? Here’s a daily diet plan in India (with recipes) to help you get there

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Inspired by the history of weight loss and Anant Ambani want to lose 100 kg? Here’s a daily diet plan in India (with recipes) to help you get there ; anant ambani

The media is a hotbed of history of weight loss Anant Ambani. And why not, losing a whopping 108 kgs. in 18 months is no small thing! ‘The loss of such an enormous amount of weight requires a lot of attention and dedication, and of course the major dietary changes, “says Naini Setalvad , dietitian and consultant obesity,’ This will definitely inspire many people to open weight loss regime, but it is important to understand that you need to lose weight in a healthy way. Cut sugar, or follow a low-carb diet to lose weight without consulting a nutritionist is . a bad idea before starting a program of weight loss, we must take into account their dietary needs, metabolism and fitness are -. and a nutritionist is the best person to help you with this Consult a dietitian to draw a meal plan exclusively for you depending on your needs. “

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Several reports claimed that Anant Ambani consume sugar and carbohydrates to shed all that weight. Niti Desai , consultant nutritionist practicing in south Mumbai, he says that the ideal is a need about 150-300 grams of carbohydrates in a day person, depending on your weight, sex and nutritional needs. What one should stay away from refined carbohydrates – it is white bread, white rice, pasta, etc. “It is advisable to meet your needs carbohydrates through whole grains, legumes and fruits. Stay away from sugar is certainly a healthy step. ‘Diet alone will not help you lose weight. You should incorporate some exercise, like yoga to help you along the way.

What is commendable about the history of weight loss Anant Ambani is losing about six kilos every month instead of going on a crash diet and lose too much weight too fast. ‘This is the way you should lose weight ideally, gradually and consistently, “he says Niti,’ It is healthy to lose anywhere between one and four kilos in a month. Protein should be 20% of their food while an Indian food regularly offer no more than 5% protein. on the other hand, fat should be less than 30%, and no guessing Indian meals are usually loaded with oil and butter. therefore, we must make major changes when it comes to the diet of a person who is used to eating Indian food. “

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sounds daunting? Do not be discouraged because Niti Desai share a meal plan ideal for vegetarians and non-vegetarians so you can satiate your taste buds without throwing your-thinning plans off track. All you should consider is the identification of good and bad carbs and you should eat small, frequent meals throughout the day instead of three large meals in a day.

plans vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals

Breakfast – Idli sambar / Poha / fruit and yogurt muesli . Non-vegetarians can have an omelet egg whites.

midmorning -. A fruit or a glass of chaas

lunch -. Vegetarians can eat 2 phulkas (starch) with a cup of dal, either moong or masoor (protein) supplemented with a plate of cucumber salad, beets and onions (fiber)

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non-vegetarians can change the cup dal with a portion of cilantro chicken masala (protein).

mid-afternoon snack – sprouts bhel / adai

Dinner – Vegetarians can eat one phulka with pepper and paneer sabzi along with a plate of garlic and vegetable soup

non-vegetarians can substitute Sabzi with lemon chicken oregano .

And yes, drink plenty of water!

This is a very generic food plan that gives an idea of ​​what their meals for a day should include. It is highly recommended that you consult a dietitian for a diet plan as suits your needs.

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