Make an Indian vegetarian diet has side effects?

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Vegan diet

According to recent reports, the trend of the vegetarian diet in India could be a concern for the population, particularly pregnant women. Since vegans abstain from eating meat and dairy products, a vegetarian diet eliminates natural food sources of vitamin B12. This deficiency could have side effects such as anemia, nerve damage, heart disease and pregnancy complications. We wonder Dr. Nandita Shah , a vegetarian, homeopath and founder of Sharan, if this is true.

‘The concern for India is too vegetarian. This essentially means going without food that are sources of vitamin B12. Another concern to go vegan address is deprivation of omega-3 diet, important for heart health micro-nutrient, “says Michael Fenech, Scientist Sciences Division of Animal Health, Food, Scientific . and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia also read – vegetarian diet – good or bad for health

Noting the lack of studies in India in eating habits, Fenech said the focus should be on a holistic approach to nutrition. “While people are catching on to veganism, it is necessary to study what this applies to different communities in India, like pregnant women,” he said. Read – is a good vegetarian diet during pregnancy

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Is it safe for pregnant women who follow a vegetarian diet? If so, what modifications of the diet is what they have to do?

Like a lion eats meat and instinctively a cow eats grass instinctively, we too should eat according to our instincts. Our body and especially our digestive system is designed according to our instincts as well.

Mothers shape their children by adding sugar or cocoa to milk. In the same way we can be conditioned to eat dishes made of body parts or secretions of another animal, but it is not our natural food because we are not instinctively attracted to it and do not have the correct anatomy to digest. This is why so many people, including pregnant women are sick these days.

A diet based on whole plant is close to our natural instincts and therefore is best suited, even for pregnant women. A pregnant woman just has to learn to eat according to their instinct, as long as it learns and plant foods.

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She even does not need iron supplements and calcium, most gynecologists give their patients if done correctly. No animal in nature need supplements during pregnancy, nor should a woman do if she keeps an optimal diet.

How can vegans get their dose of vitamin B12?

B12 is made by bacteria. Today almost everyone is deficient in vitamin B12, not just vegans. This is because of our very hygienic life style, alcohol and microwaves. Everyone, vegan or otherwise should check and supplement it if necessary. The same is true for vitamin D3, we receive from the sun. Here are 10 Natural sources of vitamin B12 you need in your diet .

How can vegans get their intake of omega-3 fatty acids?

Omega-3 fatty acids are produced by plants. Fish they have because they eat plants and so can we. However refined oil, rich in omega-6 fatty acids shifts the balance between omega-3 and 6, which is why some people need more. Since a diet based on whole plant is devoid of refined oils (or any oil for the case because the oils are not whole foods) deficiency of omega-3 it is not a problem.

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What advice would you consider Indian people before they become vegan?

It should be understood that a healthy diet can be delicious, learn more about it and get enough information to overcome their conditioning and questions. In short, they must be sure that it is a healthier lifestyle and better. They must also understand that no animal in nature needs the milk of another animal, nor our children. Here are 10 reasons to go vegan convince .

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