AIDS Healthcare Foundation emphasizes the need to expand HIV testing

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and India Cares clap national AIDS Control Organization Group Technical Resources (NACO) (TRG) in the integrated counseling and Testing Center s (TICC) for recommendation to modify outdated [19459008regulacionesdelaspruebas] HIV in the India and allow testing community-based HIV in various configurations. The TRG has recommended community-based screening by testing fingerstick whole blood in the unreached population and some key populations unlisted. The test is also recommended in TRG existing to combat intervention sites, based screening community through approach health field for truckers and migrant workers, and provider of counseling and testing for pregnant women , sexually transmitted infections and tuberculosis patients. Another historical result of the group, which met on 22 nd and 23 rd December 2015, is the acceptance of the WHO recommendation of the delegation of functions through approval the use of care providers allied health, including peer counselors for conducting HIV testing after proper training by NACO. (Read: A new study has said that a vaccine is essential to end the HIV / AIDS )

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Other Recommendations TRG include accepting pre-test information rather than pre-test and verbal consent in order to reduce the time and inconvenience for the test procedure and guidance counseling. The age of consent for HIV testing has also been recommended to be reduced to 16 instead of 18 to improve early diagnosis. (Read: diagnosis HIV – 5 tests to detect recent HIV infection )

“AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been an advanced position in promoting the test based on the community more than eight years worldwide and has performed for more than 7 million testing worldwide in the last two years. ICA, through its implementing partner in India, India Cares, has made more than 220,000 tests and identified more than 1,900 unreached people living with HIV / AIDS in 2015 in India by focusing on evidence based in the community, ‘ Nochiketa said Dr. Mohanty, Country Program Manager, AHF India. (Read: 11 Things about HIV / AIDS did not know )

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‘AHF congratulates the TRG and the many community partners and government who supported this fundamental change in the national guideline that allows based on HIV testing community, “ Dr. Ratna Devi said, bureau chief, foil India. ‘Finding people living with HIV and help them get into care to become suppressed viral form is the key to reducing HIV in our communities.’

Terri Ford, AHF Chief of global Policy promotion said “HIV testing should be expanded considerably around the world. governments should adopt models of simplified test community-based technologies using rapid screening tests and make convenient, particularly for the most affected populations free and easily accessible, uncomplicated. Test results should be available the same day and not have to be strong bond with the care and services for those who are HIV-positive.

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